How to Promote a TikTok Account

TikTok is an application that has captured a huge audience very quickly. At first, only children and teenagers paid attention to it, but soon serious bloggers and corporations also realized that you can earn authority and money there. The audience of the service is growing very quickly. TikTok promotion is in high demand these days. Many have noticed that the time users spend on this social network is greater than on all others.

For comparison, it is twice as large as on Instagram, although until recently it was believed that there is the hottest audience that cannot live without this application. The average user spends about 47 minutes a day on TikTok, while teenagers spend 2 hours or more on TikTok. Many have realized that to advance on this platform means to secure popularity among the growing generation, which is only forming its tastes.

How to promote your account on TikTok

Before moving on to paid methods (you can always buy TikTok followers if necessary), you need to figure out what the account looks like and whether there is something interesting in it. All promotion measures work very well if there is something to promote. For empty, poorly designed or boring accounts, you can also attract an audience, but it will be very expensive, energy-consuming, and there will be little effect. Paid methods work as an additional option for good content.

First of all, you need to take care of the following:

  • choose a beautiful login;
  • choose a memorable profile name;
  • enter a catchy description;
  • attach links to other social networks;
  • switch your account to pro-mode.

Pro-mode is important, because without it will not be possible to view statistics. You can also choose a profile category in it, which is also useful for promotion.

Promotion Methods

By far the most popular is the method in which bloggers seek help from a specialized company that provides the required number of audiences at a time. This way you can pay some money and buy followers on TikTok using a filter (you will get the target audience that your account needs). However, this is rather the second way of promotion.

First of all, it is worth using what the social network itself offers. Try collaborations. You can look at other users’ successful duets to understand the specifics of this approach.

Usually duets make accounts with approximately the same number of subscribers. It turns out that this is beneficial for both of them: the audience from both flows to each other.

You can participate in a duet without the consent of another user. This is called a reaction. To do this, bloggers take a popular influencer’s video that received a lot of views and record a duet on his video. Sometimes such collaborations work, and popular accounts react to such duets if the idea is really interesting.

Hashtags are a classic way to engage users. To increase the popularity of your account in this way, research popular hashtags in your subject.

In addition, it is important to follow music trends. The social network has a music library from which you can take any track. Some manage to get into the trend so successfully that the account becomes popular after a couple of videos.

Another way to follow trends is to take challenges. If someone launches this, then feel free to participate. Sometimes they shoot videos on a certain topic, sometimes it’s a certain dance or music.


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