The Top 10 James Bond Movies Ranked

‘Fate draws us back together’ the manacled and caged villain tells a neatly suited James Bond. It could have been a shot from so many films over more than half a century of 007 epics.

In fact that appropriate line is used as the opening in the international movie trailer for the latest Bond blockbuster, No Time to Die. It’s the 25th in the sequence of James Bond films – and for many it’s one of the greatest.

It stars Daniel Craig in his fifth and final outing as the fictional MI6 agent, although in this story he has left the British secret service and is working for the American CIA. 

Reviews have been generally very positive from both critics and audiences. No Time to Die was made with a budget of around $300 million – within a few weeks it had taken more than double that at the box offices of the world. It is set to be one of 2021’s highest grossing films.

But how does No Time to Die rank among the best James Bond films of all time? Casino Royale is considered by many to be his masterpiece, and this certainly added glamour to casino games, giving them a renaissance in a fashion. This has encouraged many people to visit casinos or try their luck at online casino sites. Bond definitely sets trends.

We’ve ranked the top ten Bond classics in descending order. Do you agree with our selection?

10. Goldeneye

Pierce Brosnan’s debut as Bond in 1995 took the franchise into a harsher, more realistic direction. Many scenes were shot amid the grim drab concrete of Post Cold War Russia. A series of crazy baddies help lift the mood and the film is certainly worth re-watching today.

9. The Living Daylights

Timothy Dalton only got two outings as 007 and this 1987 movie was the best. It was an attempt to inject some serious acting into the frivolity of the Roger Moore phase. The Living Daylights had thrills but best of all was its storyline – one of Bond’s best.

8. Spectre

The sensational opening sequence alone would get this 2015 film into most fans’ top ten. There’s an assassination attempt, a building collapses and Bond gets in a fight with a helicopter – all within the first few minutes. And it features another dry but compelling performance from Daniel Craig.

7. Dr No

The first Bond film in 1962 could have been the last if the style and charisma of Sean Connery hadn’t won so many fans. The film has few gadgets or stunts, the story is a bit wooden – but something about the idea clicked and we all wanted to see more.

6. Skyfall

The story, acting and stars of Skyfall are as good as any action film. Javier Bardem is classic wildly maniacal master villain while Daniel Craig is a quiet and purposeful Bond. The 2012 film was well received by critics and is the highest grossing film in the series.

5. Thunderball

This was the best Bond film with Sean Connery, thanks to a combination of great stunts and unusually good storyline. Highlights of this 1965 movie include the hijack of a nuclear bomber and Bond’s victory in an underwater harpoon battle.

4. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

The famous snow scenes in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service helped make George Lazenby’s only portrayal of 007 a classic. The little-known Lazenby was a relaxed Australian that made a surprisingly good Bond – he’s many experts favourite of all time.

3. No Time to Die

With the delayed schedules and interruptions of the last few years, the 25th Bond and most recent Bond film is certainly not a bad effort. It’s gritty and tough, reflecting its times – although regular fans are treated to lots of references to past Bond icons. 

2. For Your Eyes Only

A controversial choice? Maybe – but we think this 1981 movie is pure entertaining fun. Roger Moore’s Bond negotiates a series of stunts and chases ranging from dangling off a cliff to out-running the baddies in a tiny ancient Citroen. How good is For Your Eyes only? Well more than 40 years on it’s still a very easy and enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours.

1. Casino Royale

Daniel Craig’s first role as Bond in this 2006 movie resurrected the whole franchise. The steelier, more actorly star meant the stories could became darker and certainly more serious. The classic cheesy scenes were updated too, with a spectacular street-wise parkour chase and a sensitive romantic sub-plot. Most memorable of all was a villain who cried tears of blood.

(It can’t hurt to take in a bit of Bond knowledge)

Casino Royale had the greatest Bond casino scene too. It captures the tension, glamour and excitement of visiting a great casino. And it showed that you don’t need to be fighting a life or death battle to make a visit to the casino a memorable occasion. 


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