Top 3 James Bond movies ahead of the upcoming release

Much anticipation continues to build ahead of the next release in the James bond franchise. This will be No time to die, which was originally scheduled for release in the early period of April 2020. However, like so many other things throughout the year it has been postponed, due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was then due for release in the latter stages of the year, but this has again now been put back to April of 2021. That has been difficult news for Bond fans, who continue to wait for the final movie, with Daniel Craig playing the lead role of Bond. So, while we wait, let’s look back on the top five James bond films ever made.

Where better to start than with Casino Royale. Released in 2006, it was the 21st edition in the series and the first film with Daniel Craig playing the lead role. It covered Bond taking part in a high stake’s poker game against Le Chiffre at the Casino Royale in Montenegro. Something that at the time, led to a flurry of players looking to play a host of different casino games on the market at legal online casinos. A trend that has continued ever since, with bonuses and offers further enticing players in. The movie proved to be a great success as it earned over $606 million, which was the highest from any in the series at the time.


Another that must be included in any list is the 1963 classic, From Russia with Love. For many it also may be the greatest James bond movie every created and was just the second in the series. The movie was also the second with Sean Connery playing the lead role of MI6 agent James Bond. It covers the international criminal organisation Spectre, who were training agents to kill bond, in retaliation to the death of their agent Dr. No. It was another highly successful movie that grossed over $79 million from a budget of just $2 million.


The final movie to be included is the 1964 release, Goldfinger. Another movie that for many is the number one in the series and is also another to have included Sean Connery as the lead role. The movie covers the plot of Bond’s investigation of gold smuggling by Auric Goldfinger. It is yet another have resulted in great success for the franchise, as it recouped the budget in the opening two weeks of being release and grossing over $125 million from a budget of just $3 million.


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