Essential Feminists Movies You Need to Watch

Hidden Figures

The world commemorates women on various months depending on the nation’s culture. During that time, you can celebrate women by getting yourself a Feminine Mystique movie that will allow you to appreciate the many talents that women have. 

There are various movies for women by women. They have rocked the entertainment space with some top-class movies that we are going to share with you. If you can find and play casinos online  games that have some female features such as Cleopatra’s Gold and others. Then surely there should be some greatest movies by women that will surely keep you at the edge of your seat. 

Hidden Figures – 2016

In their quest of racing to space some male figures at NASA were working all hands-on deck to rocket a man in space before the Russian Soviet does. But at the same time. There were three great women who were also crunching the numbers and doing all the calculations to make sure that the above tasks is completed. This Oscar-nominated movie consist of American heroes that will go down in the history of filmmaking. 

You can stream this movie on Amazon for $4 and the rent to own is going for $15. 

The First Wives Club 1996

This movie showcases some independent women well-dressed in their all-white suit. They are going to reclaim their liberty from their controlling ex-husbands. Their slogan has always been the same, “You Don’t Own Me”. If you haven’t watched the 90s comedy then surely, this article has come at the right time for you. Did you know that you can play casino games related to first wivesclub

There is also the Family Jewels that is also on its way to our screens. This means you have double bumper of entertainment during this period of quarantine. The good news is that you are able to stream this hilarious comedy on and other online streaming services. 

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