Why Do Chinese Movies Love to Showcase Gambling?

It is hard to think of a Chinese movie that doesn’t involve gambling, casinos, or slots like 918kiss. Almost every popular Asian film features a gambling theme. While the scenario revolves around gaming, many plots also include family drama, gangsters, and more.

Chinese gambling-themed movies are fun to watch. The scenes include professional gamblers in a different light. It is interesting to see how gambling is perceived in Asia and performed in casinos there. The main focus is on the incredible skills of the players. The scenes showcase players with impressive gambling skills and feng shui moves that make the movies unique and fun to watch.

Wong Jing: The Original Creator of Chinese Gambling Films 

Known as the godfather of Chinese-gambling themed movies, Wong Jing is one of the most famous filmmakers in Asia and for a good reason.

When he was young, he used to bet on dogs while his mother bet on horses. His childhood inspired him to create one of his first movies. The movie is a typical story among Chinese households. Even since he presented his first movie, “Challenge the Gamesters”, gambling themes became his signature.

The reason he took gambling as a theme in his movies is simple. He was surrounded by gamblers his whole life, and there is no better person than he to tell gamblers’ stories. He even became punter when he started hanging out with a horse racing gambler in his college years, at the age of 19.

Today, Wong Jing is a successful businessman and one of the highest-grossing filmmakers in Hong Kong. 

Presenting the World of Chinese Gambling 

After Wong Jing started creating gambling-themed movies, we have an opportunity to see more of the Chinese tradition. 

Chinese people are known for their high appetite for gambling. They have a long history of gambling, tracing back 4,000 years. Many modern games like pai gow, lottery, and mahjong come from China. 

Chinese filmmakers like Wong Jing and others wanted to present a part of their history and tradition in the movies they create. 

With lottery becoming available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Macau, the Chinese people unlocked a new world of gambling. They started opening casinos, inventing slots machines, and numerous games that provide endless hours of fun.

Asian Gambling Movies to Put On Your To-Watch List 

There are a lot of Chinese-gambling themed movies to watch. From “Macau I” to “God of Gamblers”, here are some great movies to place your bets on:

  • “Casino Raiders” – A popular Hong Kong drama including the dangers of organized crime and gambling 
  • “From Vegas to Macau” – A crime-comedy movie that explores themes like gambling, family ties, and gangsters  
  • “The Conman” – A mix of action and comedy that has entertained viewers since 1998 

Whether you are a fan of online gambling, slots machines, poker night with friends, or movies in general, Chinese gambling-themed films are great to watch. While many films describe the lives and tribulations of gamblers, some of them cover gambling-related topics. The important thing is that there is an element of fun that will raise your adrenaline.

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