Most Trending Movies to watch in College

Student’s life is full of fun. From interacting with friends/course mates to going to parties at weekends, there’s never an end to the entertainment in university. Nevertheless, you don’t need to sit around like a static character that moves from the lecture hall to the dorm room. Take some time out to check the box office trends of movies about college life. Is cinema box down? Or you are on a low budget so that you even use a free online plagiarism checker for students? Not a problem at all, simply enjoy a film online on the laptop. Budget Window laptops are not usually equipped with a great screen for you to enjoy movies. Chromebook will be the great alternative to serve the needs.

The Cannon Bard Theory posits that there’s always a positive or negative change in the physiological and emotional state of mind when people come across things that can influence them. In college, in particular, little acts such as do my assignment on different topics like Freytag’s Pyramid analysis or static character description, etc., or watching to some entertaining comedies as well as listening to music can be helpful. In light of that, we present you with some of the most trending (and classic) movies you can watch while at the university.


Revenge of the Nerds is like a Business Strategy Game


This 1984 classic, The Revenge of the Nerds, is a movie you can’t wait to see. It highlights the bullied students that were not fit to be the members of fraternities in the college. As the bullies became intense, these supposedly “college misfits” collaborated to join a fraternity and wrestle for dominance against their former oppressors. The point is that one should beat the odds (competitions) to remain successful.

Kicking and Screaming

The university is a “nurturing ground” and a garden where students literally “cultivate the right skills”. Sadly, many fail to have a clear map of their lives after graduating from college. Produced in 1995, Kicking and Screaming highlights the post-graduate moments in the lives of every student. The movie is more like the Freytag’s Pyramid where the events follow a sequential order. This means that student’s performance in college determines the outlook of his or her life after studies.

Mona Lisa Smile

This movie is for the female audience who regards marriage as the “last resort.” In this classic movie, a female professor makes use of art to instruct her female students that getting married should not be their major goal in life. Looking at this, you would realize how people go through the cycle of “education to marriage”.

The Social Network

About 65% of the world population makes use of the popular social media platform, Facebook. However, only a few can relate to the story of its inception. As a student in college, you can get your hands on this classic movie, The Social Network to understand the tumultuous inception of the largest social media network in the world. Aside from highlighting the early days of the platform, the movie also outlined the legal battles the founder, Mark Zuckerberg, had to face along the line. Considering the fact that he gained inspiration for this project while studying at Havard University, you may just get inspiration to invent something unique.

The Story of an Hour Summary comes alive in “Accepted”

Produced in 2006, Accepted is a movie that will certainly keep you laughing away at the hilarious actions of the main character, Bartleby Gaines. He applied many times for a place in the university and was rejected each time. Irked by the outcomes of his efforts, the main protagonist literally “established a university” where like-minds (high school students that were rejected by universities) can study.

Watch Movies about College

Endeavor to watch movies that have to do with college. Start watching them today to boost your learning, get motivation and inspiration.

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