Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen confirmed for Days of Future Past

Not only is director Bryan Singer returning to reprise his role as film director but now we’re getting confirmation, from the director himself, that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are returning to the franchise to reprise their roles as Charles and Erik. Oh, and James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, and Michael Fassbender are all returning as well…



Tihs is exciting news for me and I’m hoping that we’ll get a damn good X-men film out of this whole endeavor. The veteran actors will certainly help ground the new class and I’m looking forward to seeing exactly how this story will play out. I explained to Elliot earlier that I theorize that this film will be an amalgamation of Days of Future Past and AoA for some reason. I have nothing to back this up with but it’s a theory and I’m running with it. Great news all around. That’s all for now…
Via: Film Drunk

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