This is what Bane almost looked like in The Dark Knight Rises


You know I’ve been dying to re-watch the Dark Knight Rises. My calendar is marked to run out and buy the BluRay next week and I’m extremely anxious to find out what we might find on the disc in addition to the film. Apparently some lucky folks have received their copies early and right on cue the highlights of the additional features are making their way online. Word has it that there’s a documentary on the disc explaining the design difficulties of translating Bane into Christopher Nolan’s style of Batman and apparently a few early concepts have been discovered of what failed the approval process. Check these out:




I’m pretty sure you designers will appreciate the isnght into the process of Bane’s look that’s unearthed in this set, I know I do, and will enjoy the documentary when given the opportunity. I like the way Hardy looks with his tattoos in the costume and it somewhat makes him a bit more intimidating. I constantly think back to the film and the character of Bane and the fact that I do is a feather in everyone’s cap that was involved with the production of the character and I’m willing to bet that he’ll maintain to be a heavily discussed character.


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One thought on “This is what Bane almost looked like in The Dark Knight Rises

  1. The new one is better but they still got it wrong. The best part of the comic Bane’s mask was the scary eyes. To much emphasis on the mouth guard (that’s never explained properly).

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