Contest Giveaway: What’s Your favorite scene from the Resident Evil films? 2 collectors limited edition caps up for grabs


Canadian outerwear and accessories brand Nobis, has partnered with Resident Evil: Retribution to place Nobis jackets on the cast and created a co-branded limited edition collector’s cap. The film is set for UK release on 28thSeptember 2012.


Thanks to Nobis, we’ve got two collectors limited edition caps to give away; all you have to do is answer this question:


What’s your favourite Scene or moment from the Resident Evil films and why?


100 words max. Be creative. Answer by commenting below and don’t forget to include your email address so we can contact you if you win! Good luck.



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27 thoughts on “Contest Giveaway: What’s Your favorite scene from the Resident Evil films? 2 collectors limited edition caps up for grabs

  1. I love all of the films but my favorite scene would have to be the scene in Resident Evil Extinction when Alice finds one of her clones. She knows that Umbrella has hurt so many people and done so many inhumane things but to find a clone of herself like this alongside all of the dead ones outside you can see how much this disturbs Alice. When the clone ‘dies’ in her arms this gives Alice the strength she needed to take down Dr. Isaacs and get back at Umbrella in a way. 

  2. A favorite for me is one of the opening scenes of Resident Evil: Extinction.  Alice answers a distress call coming from some survivors, with a baby, at what appears to be a dilapidated, abandoned building.  She enters only to discover the distress call is a trap perpetrated buy some old white trash woman and her redneck sons.  Caught off guard they are able to subdue Alice and place her in a hole where they make her fight with 3 infected dogs (doberman pinchers of course).  Alice’s hosts soon discover that they are in for more than they bargained for as she makes quick work of the dogs and tares down the floor, creating a ramp for her escape.  On her way out Alice takes care of the old lady and her sons.  This scene is a great example of Alice’s fierce talent for getting out of trouble while serving maintaining her commitment to bringing down the bad guys.
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  3. Well what defines favorite i would rather choose best and it would be where Carlos in extinction sacrifices his life even though he was bitten and was going to die Buy taking out a shit load of zombies an honorary death. But at least he died happily when he found a blunt that l.J. had hidden and that is what i think one of the best scenes in the film series is.
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  4. There are way too many scenes that are my favorite. One of them I remember is from Extinction when Alice burns all the crows with a massive fire ball. awesome. 

  5. My favorite scene is from Resident Evil Apocalyse when Alice is running down the building before getting into a fight with Nemesis. I love that Milla Jovovich did do part of that stunt, this scene makes me feel empowered
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  6. My favourite scene was from Resident Evil: Afterlife, where the two Alice clones face off against the Umbrella agents. The crew did a really good job at stitching together Milla’s clone shots and making it pop in 3D. The sound track layed over top gave me goose bumps, especially when they jumped through the glass and began diving down the facility. The gunfire effects where really powerful and felt very realistic. Every second of the scene was intense and physically stimulating in some way; complete eye candy. That’s why it’s my favourite. 
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  7. My favorite scene, From Resident Evil Apocalypse because it was funny as hell.
    When L.J. is driving around the zombie-infested Raccoon City, he runs down a zombie that walks out in front of him, and then yells “GTA motherfucker! 10 points!” This is a reference to the early Grand Theft Auto point system, where the player is awarded money when committing specific criminal offenses (including running over pedestrians). Coincidentally ,Capcom, which develops the Resident Evil series, also distributes Grand Theft Auto games in Japan.

  8. The scene in Resident Evil 1, when they first start fighting the zombie hoard. In the licker room. Aka “Dinning Hall B”. It’s compleate chaos, surrounded by supposedly dead people who are kinda decaying in place. And the guns go off and the music really kicks in as soon as rain snaps the neck of the zombie who bit her. Bullets flying everywhere, great music for the moment an explosion. Just an awesome scene, always gets me pumped every time I see it. [email protected]

  9. Resident Evil: Apocalypse. That moment when Alice is given the pen and told to say her name, when she says “My name is Alice. And I remember everything” and then shoves the pen almost into Dr. Isaacs’ eye, but doesn’t because she just has that much control.

  10. My favorite scene would be the scene where Alice and her clones exact their revenge on Umbrella in Resident Evil: Afterlife.  Not only was it beautifully done (and the 3D was amazing), it was wonderful to see Alice finally get a leg up on the Umbrella Corporation.  After being controlled for so long, Alice was finally the one in control, and she showed no mercy.
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  11. The scene from Resident Evil: Apocalypse where Mike Epps’s character LJ stumbles into the S.T.A.R.S headquarters and this is my favorite scene because he manages to make a hardcore horror movie funny!!!

  12. The best scene is from the first movie when they first enter the Hive. It was the start of it all, to bad the movies kinda went all crazy after that.

  13. At the prison, the survivors keep Chris Redfield in a cell.  One of the survivors gets a bad vibe from him and assumes that he’s a killer. That’s it, no other reason. Never mind those zombies outside. As it turns out, he’s not a killer.

  14. The laser room scene in “Resident Evil.” Had a good mix of flash and actual tension with the ever changing onslaught of lasers until it was down to One (pun intended), where it resulted in a no-win situation. This also led to the best death within the entire flick, which used the camera focus to cleverly obscure the gore while giving a clear reaction shot of horror from Alice. Overall, a cool scene that, while stylistic, didn’t feel shoehorned in (even inspiring a bit in a future game title).

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