Joss Whedon discusses the Iron Man armor in the Avengers movie

There has been a discussion within the geek community about Iron Man’s armor in the Avengers movie, primarily focused arc reactor casing on his chest. Empire caught up with The Avengers director Joss Whedon to see if he could clarify what is going on.

Via: Empire

Tony Stark is continuously evolving his armor so it would make perfect sense that there is a new iteration of the suit in the movie. I personally liked Whedon’s remark about the circle having purpose and his preference for the classic Iron Man.

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4 thoughts on “Joss Whedon discusses the Iron Man armor in the Avengers movie

  1. Just wondering why they keep showing shots of Ironman without his helmet? He’s not Ironman until he’s got that on.
    We now it’s Bob underneath the suit, so just show Ironman properly, put his helmet on already.

  2. Quite liked the triangle, considering his new element was triangular I thought it fit to have it that way on the suit.
    Also considering War Machine had a circular duracell (yes, I know, just kidding) battery it separated the two suits a bit as well.
    But if they’ve gone back to the circle then not particularly fussed, it’s a minor point and not really worth discussion all that much really.

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