Guillermo Holding Out for Mountains of Madness

Yesterday we learned that Guillermo Del Toro’s attempt to bring “Mountains of Madness” to the big screen was a dead project after seemingly picking up momentum with rumors of Tom Cruise being secured to star. Today, we learn that he’s not giving up yet and we may still see the movie, someday, as he still has the intention to press forward with the project.

Source: AICN

I think we’ve come so close with Mountains that to me it’s an indicator of the great possibility we will get to make it, as soon as possible. As long as the idea stays fresh and no one beats me to it, in terms of the origins of the monsters, the scope and the aspect of Antarctica where these creatures are discovered, I will continue to press forward. I’m knocking on wood

I’m glad that he has every intention of continuing to develop this one as I am a full supporter of him creating something that he obviously has so much passion to make. This is good news to fans of his work so I hope these things get cleared up sooner than later but with his commitment with his Pacific Rim project I’m getting the impression it will be the latter.

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5 thoughts on “Guillermo Holding Out for Mountains of Madness

  1. Hopes and Intentions are two different things.

    If a studio wont put money behind it, all the hopes in the world wont make it happen.

    I’d like to see it too, and honestly Del Toro will get attached to something else awesome and he will be able to continue making films. Even if it isn’t this one.

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