Sony buys Tatum’s Pan

We previously found out the Channing Tatum was attached to a prequel to the Peter Pan mythos that was being shopped around to movie studios to see if anyone would bite, and today we learn that they managed to snag Sony’s film studios.

Source: Collider

Every piece of classic literature is getting a reboot these days and it was foolish to think Peter Pan would buck the trend. Last week, a pitch went out for a package called “Peter Pan Begins” with Channing Tatum attached to star, screenwriter Billy Ray (Shattered Glass) writing the script, and Joe Roth (Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland) producing. Because audiences must know Peter Pan’s origin story, the pitch ignited a bidding war and Heat Vision reports that Sony Pictures came out on top to the tune of about $1 million.

I wasn’t too interested in the project when it was initially mentioned but finding out the price that Sony paid for it makes me wonder what they have in mind. This one just got slightly elevated on my radar, so I’m interested for more news.

The only thing that’s somewhat concerning, without more details, is that Tatum is attached to star. He’s a bit old to play the young boy that’s seen in most other interpretations so I’m curious if they plan to change Pan, like in Hook, or if they have another role in mind.

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2 thoughts on “Sony buys Tatum’s Pan

  1. Pan’s origin story is suggested in the books and is never fully fleshed out.

    I could see them re-imagining Pan. They would have to take a step in a different direction so it doesn’t look like it belongs to “Hook” or any other Disney version.

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