Versus Films that will Never Happen

I tripped over an article this weekend that showed a trailer mashup editing bits of Batman with the Blade film making it look like it would be a Batman Vs Blade film.

Clearly something that would never happen since Batman is DC and Blade is Marvel but it actually made me curious as to how such a film would play out. Then I found out the guy responsible for it has a few of these clever mashups to share. I am surprised I hadn’t seen them and in case you hadn’t either I wanted to share them here.

Batman Vs Blade

Incredible Hulk Vs Wolverine

Batman Vs Terminator

All films that are never going to happen, but it makes you wish they could.


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13 thoughts on “Versus Films that will Never Happen

  1. i hate any ‘hulk vs’ mashups only because i believe a lot of people out there do not truly fully grasp the strength and might of the hulk.

    on the other hand, i would not pit batman vs blade. i would pit batman vs punisher as the two are more similar, the only difference being that frank castle kills his victims while batman doesnt. it would definitely be my dream matchup. the only thing that could top that would be batman vs captain america. now, THAT, would be more than awesome although (spoiler) the comics have pitted the two against one another already making batman the winner. still, it would be interesting.

  2. If one day a Hulk vs. Wolverine film were to take place, the Wendigo would have to ref.


    Yeah some of fan made mash ups/short films can have some appeal. Sometimes they are nicely done, other times they get silly (Matrix vs. RoboCop, for example)

    As fans, the closest we usually get is either when films go nearly head to head in a weekend or two or in a case of two actors who play different heroes in different franchises, are playing rivals (different characters) in an unrelated film (such as The Prestige)

    It would be neat, though, wouldn’t it?

  3. All of them were awesome, felt as if this was real trailer of a upcoming film… Although i do feel that an Incredible Hulk Vs Wolverine film could be possible!!!!! Particularly as the technology is increasing day by day, and with a good script who knows!!!! The studious might take their chances…
    What do u guys think????

    1. I get that the technology is increasing, but the willingness to give an X-Men character more money is decreasing.

      I mean Wolvie’s budget was estimated at 150 Million and they still managed to put shitty graphics in there. Maybe if they actually took the time to make it (lets say as extravagant as Iron Man or the Incredible Hulk) Then maybe, just maybe it wouldn’t turn into something a college kid could do in his dormroom with Final Cut Pro.

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