Timothy Dalton in Toy Story 3

John Lasseter has offered up some insight into some of Pixar’s upcoming releases. The first of which is a cast announcement for Toy Story 3. Timothy Dalton will voice a thespian hedghog.

First Showing shares:

James Bond actor Timothy Dalton would be providing his voice in Toy Story 3 for the character of Mr. Pricklepants, a hedgehog toy with thespian tendencies

I love the sound of that!

Funny thing is, I like the choice of a character with “thespian tendencies” as a Bond actor, but I could picture any of the Bond’s doing the same job. Dalton will do just fine!

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12 thoughts on “Timothy Dalton in Toy Story 3

  1. best bond WHAT THE!!!!! ok that aside, Dalton is hit a miss yes Hot fuzz he was great but then you have the cinematic wonder The Beautician and the Beast. Apart from my obvious dislike, he will do fine cause he does have a voice that will work as a typical Shakespearian thespian. Although no problem with finding some work for Bill Nighy as well.

    Side note love that Ned Beatty has been cast to.

  2. Boys, you do realise that Dalton was the running, price slashing – ‘my he is tenacious isn’t he’ – supermarket psycho in Hot Fuzz. If anybody should be allowed to exist, it is almost certainly Dalton, and he almost certainly deserves more work than he gets.

  3. I wouldn’t mind hearing Patrick Stewart or Bill Nighy do a voice on Toy Story. Those would have been my other choices over Dalton on a thespian theme toy.

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