Neil Patrick Harris is Beastly

The CBS Films Beastly hasn’t really been getting my attention short of just talking about the cast they are generating for it. But now to cap off the less than thrilling cast, we get a little taste of NPH.

Neil Patrick Harris will be joining Beastly.

Dread Central Reports:

Neil Patrick Harris has signed on to play a blind tutor who helps and bonds with a teen (Alex Pettyfer) who is shellshocked from being turned into a hideous young man in CBS Films’ Beastly.

Based on the “young adult” novel by Alex Flinn, Beastly is a modern day telling of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, in which a witch (Olsen) turns a handsome yet smarmy young man into a self-loathing monster

Now NPH is the only man on the planet I would switch teams for. He is a fine actor, a sharp looking guy and funny as all hell. Hands down my favourite comedic actor.

I was curious about this film to see Vanessa Hudgens in something other than High School Musical, and news of a minor role for Mary Kate Olsen, but this has me all in now.

I want to see this film JUST because NPH is in it. I love everything this guy touches. Even though it sounds like he will be minor in this as well since he is in a supporting role.

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7 thoughts on “Neil Patrick Harris is Beastly

  1. Adrian–symbolizing his complete reversal in fortune, bleak new outlook on life, and ultimate rejection of the boy he used to be. In addition, the reader gets to catch the whole transformation thing as it happens. In most versions, we come to it way after the fact. Often the Beast has been languishing under his curse for hundreds of years when we come upon him. In this case, Kyle/Adrian has just two years to find true love and break the spell. I liked that we got in on how he coped with it all, as opposed to getting it in retrospect. This is also the first version I’ve read where Beauty’s family didn’t want her. Where, by all accounts, she’s had a rougher life than he has. It makes it that much sweeter when these two people who have suffered much find not only love, but a way out.

  2. finally saw a full episode of how i met your mother, now i know why people love this guy. HAPPY NOT A FATHERS DAY! lol.

    1. I love NPH like any other guy out there in a completely plutonic non sexual manner whatsoever. So I would not switch teams for him. I think if anyone out there it would have to be Matthew Mcconaughey. Frankly, I’m a bit envious of the mans body and charm. If I looked anything like him, I know I would be able to get any girl.

  3. Well crap… I was not at all interested in this, but damn it now I am. I became a fan of NPH on How I Met Your Mother, though I never really cared about Doogie Howser. Now I try to see everything he is in, so I guess I should add this to the list.

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