Deadpool Spinoff Confident

I think I must have said Rob Liefeld’s name three times, because the antichrist of the comic book world has come out of the woodwork to comment on the popular character he is credited for creating – Deadpool.

Yes, shamed as I am to admit it, the biggest joke in comics was also responsible for some of the best characters of the 90s. Cable and Deadpool both are notches on his bedpost. But the silver lining is that other writers and artists perfected the characters so while Liefeld is crying “mine” the real credit goes to the people that kept their stories going and writing more for them long after Liefeld wore out his welcome.

But the point was that Liefeld has come forward expressing confidence that his character will be treated respectfully, that the additional footage will change what the pirates have seen and is certain that if the movie is a financial success, he is told that Deadpool is on deck for his own film.

ScreenRant says:

Now I’m all for a solo movie of the “Merc with a Mouth,” he deserves one. But I’m also inclined to be skeptical. From the footage screened, and the whispers of plot details heard, the movie version of Deadpool manifests very differently than his comic book counterpart. That’s not a good thing.

I have heard the spoilers (damn leaked workprint) and spoilers annoy me enough on their own, but when someone kills the film for you before it even comes out it hurts. However they are based entirely on an unfinished workprint, so I am trying hard to pretend I didn’t hear them.


That being said, it may be a spoiler to suggest that there would be a lot of confidence in a Deadpool spinoff. Of course this is just speculating. I would wager they won’t be killing off Deadpool in a movie if they plan on having a spinoff. But lets leave all that aside for now.

If they DO make a Deadpool spinoff, I hope they make it more “Merc with a mouth” kind of dark comedy. I kind of pictured Adam Baldwin playing Deadpool but then he would simply be his Jane character from Firefly (half of which is in his character in Chuck). But I do like the snark and presence of Ryan Reynolds doing this character so I am hopeful.

They would have to break continuity if they played on Deadpool’s most effective comedic tool. He knows he is in a comic book and references the readers and comic book cliches all the time. I think they could still do this, but have the “audience” be something in his head. He can narrate his actions, sing his own theme songs, and even shout out comicbook sound effects when he fights. I think this would be a great comedic edge without ripping the spinoff out of the reality of the series.

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44 thoughts on “Deadpool Spinoff Confident

  1. From what I can speculate about Wolverine, we won’t get to really see Deadpool’s origin. I must nod to the previously posted action figure. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved Deadpool since I first heard of him. I just don’t like what I’m hearing about where they’re taking the character.
    As for a spin-off, I don’t see it being very easy to make Deadpool a “good guy.” He’s a mercenary; he kills for cash and because it’s fun (according to him >>). We don’t have sympathy for him because he’s funny, And let’s face it, the studios and Reynolds won’t want Deadpool wearing his mask all the time. So already we’re getting an incorrect origin, and consequently a different physical look at the character because the studios want a good-looking main character. So what are we left with? A guy with guns and a crazy sense of humor. Breaking the fourth wall seems to be the only shot at originality for this thing.
    And I agree, the “Hulk Vs Wolverine” Deadpool was absolutely perfect to the letter.
    “Who am I to turn down a little murder? Strike a pose!”
    “Rock-a-bye BANG!”
    “Logan, Weapon X hasn’t been the same without you. Nobody calls me Bub anymore! And Omega Red’s a bed-wetter!”

  2. I would be all for Reynolds coming back. We know he can do snark with ease, he’s in good shape, and is great doing his own fight scenes (Blade 3). It’s worth a try, but I would like it if they would use a smaller budget. I want to see him in hand-to-hand combat with his swords, not with a bunch of crazy CG effects all over the place.

  3. I think they did Deadpool justice in the Hulk vs. movie they released on DVD and Blu-ray. It was really cool to actually see him animated. Hope I didn’t spoil anything from this writing.


    This is the last time that ive heard this…I let it go and ive heard it 60000 times too many, and its just plain stupid. now I must drop in my opinion on the manner.


    1. Ok, I get you’re against making deadpool in the movies synch with deadpool in the comics. Why? Why should the 4th wall not be broken?

      1. Its very possible to have Deadpool break the 4th wall and just have it be his own psychosis and not have it ruin the X-Men franchise by throwing in a different reality in his film.

  5. This will be big, get that Dark twisted black humour moving, get him a costume halfway through, and get him fight scenes that match Blade in style and damn your gonna have one heck of a movie!!

  6. haha rodney wtf….another article that slams lieflans art….just cause u dont like it doesnt mean it wa crap…that just another opinion u have against other peoples own opinions…..i personally dont care for deadpool…ya he looks cool but he was always 3rd tier by far. You go out of your way of bashing on the guy that has a giant fanbase( yes we know u are not one) and in one part u mention some of his great work and then go on to say he is a hack…i dont get it…if you dont like it dont read it or look at it etc…its w/e but whats sadder is if you watch this movie and say you love it then i will have to go with saying wtf…cause man the movie sucked…deadpoll was in it for very very little let alone wtf is he having such a pivotal part in the movie…the dude wasnt even that big in the marvel universe…he was like the running joke of marvel…..remeber when deadpool did a shoryuken..well i remember and i wa like wtf this toon is a joke.

    1. Sorry Sampson, but when there are thousands of artists that can do 10 times better than this hack are all out of work is what makes him worth slamming. Hell I am not a professional and I can draw better than this guy. And that is fact. All his women look the same… his men look the same… he has no concept of proportion.. he cannot draw feet or hands. The guy is an embarrassment that never should have seen print.

      Also, when the rest of his PEERS cut him up. There is something there.

      There are also Uwe Boll and Carrot Top fans out there too.

    2. you my friend make a supremely good argument.
      with that much enthusiasm i went loooking for some of his old work i had…there are some really good single shots that i enjoyed but the majority did have some fucked up sizing problems….like i would say learning wise he never learned how to scale…and every one has mutated muscles lol in wierd poses lol

  7. Jackman I have to disagree. Jim Lee’s amazing art is one of the reasons that the X-Men “Blue” Team was as successful as it was. I think Marvel took some great steps in 90’s. These days the comic book industry is terrible. But I believe that’s how most generations of fanboys see the next generation of comic books. I personally stopped collecting right after Onslaught and I think I’m better off for it. I’ve checked wikipedia and other websites to get the updates on some of my favorite characters and find the whole of Marvel these days to be confusing and kinda bland.

    I would love to see a complete reboot of Deadpool with some new actors, but I’m sure it won’t happen. I want to see any character involved with Wolverine to be as far away from Hugh Jackman as possible. I disagreed with ALL of the X-Men casting except for Patrick Stewart playing the role of Professor X (that’s dream casting right there). I agree with Rodney’s ideas to put all of his comic book-related asides in his head, though I think that the saying sound effects aloud would be a little too corny.

  8. I think Deadpoop and cable guy are some of the worst comic characters ever created and the direction Marvel took in the 90’s was terrible. Super heroes with guns = totally stupid. Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee and most of the other artists from that time are horrible and still are. It stinks that we have to put up with stupid 90’s comic characters in movies. Venom is another example of this.

    1. You do know that the Punisher was created in the 70s right?

      Not to mention I think Nicholas Fury was from like the late 50s or early 60s

      Ive seen some pretty old Blade ones too that by the look of them…are from the 60s

      And Buckys been around since 1895

  9. Okay he said that he would like a spinoff and that he was different from the comix “not a good thing”

    What the fuck does that mean!?!?! Can the guy be MORE ambiguous?????

    WILL there be a fucking deadpool movie!? Yes or No question…UGH all this guy had to say was “yes.”

  10. I freaking love Deadpool and Cable as comic book figures. They always had a nice element to them that was different from the other characters. More realistic powers almost, well to an extent lol.

  11. Adam Baldwin… Does that man ever age? I swear he’s looked exactly the same since Full Metal Jacket, through X-files, all the way to Firefly… sort of an eternal 30-something actor…

    How old is he anyway?

  12. Don’t put it in the foX-men continuity. Get Reynolds to do it again. He was great in origins…for the 3 lines he actually had. Just start over again, the character is an untapped goldmine for Marvel. His solo book is selling like hotcakes now, it would be stupid not to capitalize on him.

    1. If it isn’t in the current continuity its unlikely they would get Reynolds to do it again.

      Either they get the actor to reprise his role for another chapter or they start all over again (which they won’t do with an established character in an established franchise)

    2. Rodney, You should delete this comment as it annoyed me considerably, being the very first one…Some people are just not going to abide by politeness. Get rid of it so future people aren’t affected.

    3. I’m not sure about that Rodney. There is strong support for Ryan Reynolds in fan community. in the comic itself, long before this movie, the character himself has actually likened himself to Ryan Reynolds, which has cemented him as a favored choice for a long time. If legal issues don’t prevent it, I’d think even in a new continuity he might be an appropriate choice. Deadpool himself has changed his origin story more then once, so a handwave of “oh, it didn’t happen that way” is actually in character.

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