Turkish Rambo coming to DVD

There has been a lot of talk about copyright violation around these parts lately and no one knows how to rip of something that isn’t theirs like the Turks. No, not all Turks, specifically I am talking about the creators of the cult sensation “Turkish Star Wars” that was made by ripping off soundtrack, scenes from Star Wars (and others) combined with footage filmed of Turkish actors to make their own film.

Well Dark Maze is making its Turkish Rambo (titled: Rampage) available on DVD. Oh the movie is likely to be of such “high quality” as their previous releases. Check out the trailer:

I about projectiled my diet cola from my nose when the Rambo guy was hauling off with his impressive rocket launcher and the shell flops out of the end and they don’t even try to hide the telltale “thoomp” noise.


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6 thoughts on “Turkish Rambo coming to DVD

  1. Hi guys,

    This has to be a serius! joke from our guys. I’m Turkish and i can assure you we are laughing at it pretty hard. Funny stuff.

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