Devastator Concept Art Hits the Net!

Earlier today I posted a concept art image of The Fallen, and now from another source we get what could be the final look of DEVASTATOR!!

If the real thing looks half as good as this art, I will pee myself in the theater.

Transformers Movie Chronicles says:

From the text that surrounds the image we can see what makes up the constituent parts of this beast, and it’s face is incredibly beast-like:

Right Leg: Dump Truck
Left Arm: Crane
Left Leg: Bulldozer
Torso: Excavator (this is the Terex Rh400 we’ve seen in the trailer)

There’s also a ‘Mixer’ in there somewhere and another vehicle forming the rear, with possibly another vehicle on the sheet that has been obscured by the character.

Note the RH400 on Devastator’s shoulder?

So awesome.

Just to be safe, I will be wearing Depends at the premier!

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44 thoughts on “Devastator Concept Art Hits the Net!

  1. Rodney you may need 2 depends for the premier! A buddy of mine works at ILM and is the creature technical director for Transformers 2 and he confirmed that you will say HOLY SHIT when you see Devastator in action. Man I can’t wait. I keep bugging him for some pix but they have higher security on this than they did the Star Wars prequels when he worked on them.

    1. yes.
      if he uses the “1 guy vs 100 babies” techniche then he WILL win, because the autobots are fucking PUSSIES

      if however, he uses the cliche movie techniche thta leaves a stupid weak point open, hell lose

  2. Devastator does look badass i actually prefer him to the Fallen design (never been keen on the Cybertroian look).

    To the people wondering about how the Autobots are going to fight this and the Fallen i’ve heard that Prime combines with some stealth bomber bot so that may factor in.

    About Dinobots…i would love to see them on the big screen but i doubt we’ll see they them in the movie franchise they just don’t make a lotta sense for reasons people have said but if i was to shorhorn them in i’d make some story like they’ve been hiding from decepticons on a unevolved planet where dinosaurs still existed and that would be why there alt forms are dinosaurs.
    At the very least i’d settle for a character called Grimlock who had the same speech patterns.

  3. hey hazmat u forget that in the first movie the humans break more decepticons than the frickin autobots…..screw autbots all we need is tyrese in a berret(sp?) and shia lebouf and the world is safe….”Bring the rain”

    1. that. is a very sad fact. something that shouldnt happen in the next film. guys with granade lunchers shouldnt be able to defeat a 70 foot robot. and arent they a little advanced to fall for lazer target missals?

    2. Actually, it should be noted that the humans only killed 1 Decepticon. Bumblebee killed the tank, Optimus killed another. Sam only killed Megatron through the all-spark.

    3. There’s only four confirmed Decepticon kills at the end of the 2007 movie.

      Megatron was killed by Sam Wiwicky, Shia’s character, with the Allspark to his Spark Core.

      Blackout (Helicopter) was killed by Captain Lennox, Josh Duhmal’s character, with SABOT Rounds to the Spark Core.

      Brawl, the tank (Being named Devastator was confirmed by Bay to be a subtitle mistake), was killed by Bumblebee with Mikaela, Megan Fox, giving a driving assist.

      Frenzy was an idiot and killed himself.

      Bonecrusher was never confirmed to be dead and was probably only disabled by Prime. Cutting the head off a robot doesn’t kill it like with humans. I also consider the fact that only the bodies of Megatron, Blackout, and Brawl are tossed into the abyss to mean that Bonecrusher is still out there. As for Scorponok, they only severed his tail and never found a body. It’s assumed by the fandom that he’s still out there in that desert.

      So that’s two for the Humans, one for the Autobots, and a -1 for the Decepticons for a suicide by razor CDs.

  4. …if theres no dinobots…then its once again an unfair fight…a bunch of badass decepticons against shitty autobots that transform into GMC cars

    oh wait..i forgot about the infantrymen from the army also fighting…right..

    1. i agree bring in the dinobots, but not have them combine to make one huge robot thought, if they do they might as well call it mechagodzilla (just joking), but i would like to see the dinobots tho

  5. Looks like the “Mixer” is Devastator’s right arm. Not sure why people missed that.

    As far as plot, I don’t see “The Fallen” as being a true Decepticon. He’s probably going to be a predecessor to their “race” and have some sort of Autobot/Decepticon alliance against him. Otherwise, he’s a pu**y that Megatron could’ve killed easily (as a threat to Meg’s leadership).

    As for me, I agree Ultra Magnus should be brought in, preferably sized to fight Devastator. The Autobots aren’t supposed to be totally weak compared to the Decepticons, otherwise there’s no was to beat them apart from freezing in the Arctic or Sam Witwicki! (LOL about the last part).

    Oh, and you “Dinobot” fans. Get over it! They’ll never be in ANY new rendition of the new TF’s as dinosaurs. How the hell would you hide a 20-40 foot dinosaur, “IN PLAIN SITE”???

    1. hey thats a good question man…i just never gave that any though


      i thought that it was so obvious i just didnt mention it because it would have sounded i will

      they dont need to hide in their own planet….oh and theres no point in hiding anymore! megatron and optimus blasted through a building and a huge tank standing up was shooting missels out of its hand in front of millions os bystanders. not to mention the mountain dew vending machine that violated 45 women.

      its no longer “robots in disguise” now its “kill all decepticons before they make us and the humans extinct” so it would be wise to have huge robots in their side

    2. Well I really dont like the idea of the autobots and decepticons joining forces to beat The Fallen. I mean Optimus was fair against Megatron so if all the Autobots team up they could at the very least take down devastator. As far as dissing on Dinobots fans thats not fair because they never looked like real dinosaurs even in the G1 cartoon. How do you hide a 20-40 foot dinosaur? How do you cover up 20-60 foot robots fighting each other in a metro area?

    3. Hazmat

      I like your thinking that they “don’t have to hide anymore” although the flaw I see in that logic is that it defeats the purpose of them being “TRANSFORMERS”. What would be the point of having these giant robots change into anything other than weapons for humans to use if they couldn’t hide/disguise themselves?

      As well, ALL Transformers are from Cybertron, so really, I don’t see your point there and what that has to do with them being dinosaurs.


      I’m not trying to sound “anti-Dinobots”. I loved those bastards in the G1 series. I was questioning how the “dino” side of things could equate into a story that has these giant robots that can “hide” without supposedly being detected by anything other than another alien robot? That’s my point about the “Dinobots”. They couldn’t actually be dinosaurs because dinosaurs are millions of years extinct. It’s not feasible in the storyline. Vehicles (whether GM or otherwise) can hide and blend in with the current world around us (in their “disguised” form).

      The argument that “millions of people saw them” isn’t true. The downtown core fight scene didn’t have more than, maybe, a few thousand people. The fireballs that landed in the cities were never realized by the media to be “robots”, and the only other people that saw these “aliens” were the military (“ah, shut up or be court-marshaled”) and the desert people (OK, OK. The computer nerds too).

    4. Well i think your misunderstanding the point. The point is that you cant cover something like giant fighting robots in a populated city. Sure the military and government knows how to detect them by now but their existance is known. Whats the point of trying to hide the dinobots? If im not mistaken wasnt the appeal of the dinobots was the fact they only cared about themselves? The film makers can just as easily bring them in at the very end to save the day. Then in the next film they all go to cybertron to stop Unicron. I think at the least say the writers are not too sharp with ideas when it comes to story writing. The glasses were usless, the autobots were dumb, and the great idea for hiding the all spark was to bring it to a high populated area? Now the writers think giant dinobots wouldnt work? Please.


      they can transform from cars to robots…they do that in just wont be a GMC…itll be a batmobile kinda car. just because theres no people around doesnt mean they dont transform into cars…this is something that anyone thats ever seen a transformers show or read a comic book would know…a lot of it was in cybertron

      and when we were talking about dinosaurs, and you said “thats not a good idea since were in planet earth and people would see huge dinos” i said CYBERTRON
      why did i say cybertron?
      because i think that a movie in cybertron would be awesome…im not talking about 90% cybertron…im talking about a WHOLE movie in cybertron…were theres no humans bitching about dinobots or beast wars…no humans trying to tell transformers
      “hey you cant transform into dinosaurs thats lame”
      in cybertron you fight and the biggest most badass transformer wins, its a fucking war, you dont NOT transform into a dinosaur because the jets fan guy that watches seinfeld said it


    6. Godfather, your theory on who “The Fallen” is and what the story will be is NOT original, so don’t talk like you had the idea without some outside influence. PICK UP A COMIC BOOK and don’t plagiarize

  6. You know what I just thought about that if the decepticons have devistator and the fallen how can they win? Is it possble there something super secret that no ones knows yet. Could it be the Dinobots? Maybe an army of junkbots? Hmmm possiblities.

  7. not bad, not bad…not digging the green face, but its only concept art…give me the fuckin dinobts bay…all these other robots are ok, but all i want is grimlock eating at least one robot on the big screen….u say everything u do is awesome, but whats more awesome than a robot t-rex….a robot t-rex that can transform into a sword wielding manbot thats what

    1. 100% agree dude… theres nothing that beats a dinosaur. oh wait…a fucking huge robot! what if…they make a huge dino-robot transformer!

      yeah thats insane.
      the world isnt ready i dont think its a good idea.

      but ive been sayign this…and everyone disagrees or calls me gay….

      but a power ranger movie would be kinda cool…if they have the guys looking like gi joes and megazord looking like a transformer…omg.

      have bay direct it…and have the CGI theyre using in gi joe in it. and no pink power ranger.

      RED POWER RANGER T REX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  8. lmfao

    in the first one there where like 5 autobots that were fucking GMC vehicles and the 10 decepticons were an F-22 jet plane, an M1 abrams TANK, a war helicopter, and a crane looking motherhumper

    and more of course.

    HOW did the autobots win! beyond me.

    i want the following autobots in the movie to even things out

    superion- hes like devastator but with autobot jet planes

    defensor- same as devastator but in with autobots

    and of course grimlock and ultra magnus

  9. im sorry im sorry..waitwaitwait

    whos excavator? is that the huge 2 wheels that optimus was hanging on?? because if SO
    that means that optimus is like as big as devastators hand

    if optimus prime dies in this movie i will not be at the very least surprised. at all. so far…this seems fuckign unfair…i want to see some badass autobots!

    1. yea seriously. the decepticons must be really fuckin retarded if they can’t defeat the autobots by now. they got all the hot shit. autobots are still rollin around in blue collar vehicles. booshit booshit booshit booshit

  10. Tres cool. Rodney, with the ROTF news updates and that awesome youngbloods post… I’ll just say John better be watching his back because I’m really liking your reporting style! Cheers!

  11. He’s going to be absolutely MASSIVE! Prime’s probably only going to come up to his knee! He seems to be a far larger threat to everyone than the Fallen could possibly be though.

  12. For the toys, according to rumors, hasn’t been confirmed, but the toy for devestator is made up of 4 voyager class, and 2 (maybe 3) deluxe class toys. If you look at that schematic, it seems to say which ones comprise devestator, but there’s one which i can’t get a good look. and it does seem to confirm that there are 7 constructicons. one being completely blocked by his foot. but that might be just my imagination. i’ll admit i’m just guessing on that one, so who knows.

  13. holy shit thats awesome, but i do have a bad feeling that devastator is gonna only be in the final battle like megatron was in the first, however thats understandable considering how much it much cost to detail him.

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