2 New X-Files TV Spots

We have 2 new X-Files commercials to show you today. They are back to back in the following video that was brought to our attention by comingsoon:

These are short and sweet. I really cannot comment on my feelings because the images all went by so fast. I’m glad that the duo will return to the northern wastes in this film. Arctic landscapes are brutal, serene and foreboding.

This film joins the sumer hits and will be in theaters July 25.

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5 thoughts on “2 New X-Files TV Spots

  1. These trailers are boring the X-file out of me! “Hey that guys eyes are bleeding” Yawnn.
    Wow, how uneventfull and tired it looks. The title is shit. Fight the Future was way better.

    Do I want to see this?
    I believe, not so far.
    Its going to have to get Wall-E reviews to get my 10 bucks.

  2. I do want to see this movie but I find it hard to get excited when we know absolutely NOTHING about the plot. I mean, what could it ruin by just giving us a very vague outline?

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