There is No Friends Movie In The Works

Friends-Movie-No.jpgThe other day word started spreading around that due to the success of the “Sex and the City” movie, a “Friends” movie project has been put into motion. Makes sense really… I mean after all… none of the former Friends stars have been able to mount successful movie careers at all. Sure, Jennifer Aniston has been IN a lot of movies, but most of them bad and most of them bomb.

I’d go so far as to say a “Friends” movie would be even more successful than the SATC movie. I think it has broader appeal and also had a larger audience. The movie would be cheap to make (Anyone who thinks it they would have to pay the former stars a penny over $5 million each is crazy) and wouldn’t require the worlds largest marketing campaign either.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying the movie would be GOOD, I’m just saying it would make money.

However, seems those rumours have now been completely shot down. WB issued statements saying the rumors are false, and the BBC contacted some of the cast’s agents who flatly denied any truth to the whispers. So there you have it, no Friends movie. I personally couldn’t care less (except for the fact that I’d like to see Courtney Cox in a high profile role again), but if I were a studio exec, I’d make this thing happen. (Source: IMDB)

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12 thoughts on “There is No Friends Movie In The Works

  1. ithink ther shud be a friends movie thatd be great
    i neva go 2 bed without em on ther so funny
    your all jus jealous dat dey done soo good
    evry1 loved em!!
    der da best
    team friends

    we need a friends movie

  2. I am all for a movie adaptation of friends as long as the writing staff from the show plays a roll in the movie. the back and forth you get between the cast member to me is what made the show. as long as the movie has the sarcastic chandler and spacey pheobe then i will see it twice.

  3. Friends was and is fantastic. They should definitely make a movie. It would be a great thing for fans all over. And almost everyone I know thats watched a couple episodes LOVE it. I watch it everyday and am planning on buying the season set. Its like saved by the bell good. or better. Anyhow. Please make a friends movie. It would top a sex and the city movie.

  4. stop hating on friends because they did a great job……and they’re all the best and if they make a movie it would be much better than sex in the city that show is boring i didnt even bother to watch that movie!!!! go friends #1 show !!!all the haters should kiss their asses!!!!

  5. I know it isn’t cool to like “Friends,” but if they made a film, I’d be all over that like white on rice. That show hit the air shortly after I left for college, and, yeah, it was over-marketed, but it hit the cultural zeitgeist like nothing else. When they were at the top of their game (say, seasons 2-5), almost every episode was killer funny. The cast took a lot of heat for being overexposed, but every last one of them was talented, and their ensemble chemistry hasn’t been duplicated since.

    Just two years ago I purchased the entire series on DVD, and I have it on constantly, just in the background. It’s like comfort food.

    Bring on a “Friends” movie, says me.

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