Stuntman Killed During The Filming Of Red Cliff

Red Cliff

We have sad news to bring you from the set of Red Cliff this morning. It appears that a stuntman has been accidentally killed during a shoot; we get wind of this tragedy from the sombre caves of yahoo:

A stuntman filming John Woo’s new movie in Beijing was killed in a bizarre fire when a small boat rammed into the set of an ancient warship, state media said on Tuesday. At least three people were injured in the accident during the shooting of the battle epic “Chi Bi,” or “Red Cliff.” “The fire broke out early Monday morning when the crew were shooting a scene in which a small, smoking boat crashed with a large ancient war vessel,” Xinhua news agency said.

At the point of collision, at which machines let out smoke, an unchoreographed flame jumped 30 meters (yards) into the air, the Beijing News said, citing crew at the northern Beijing location. Woo, director of such hits as “Face/Off” and “Mission Impossible II,” was in Hong Kong at the time of the accident.

Red Cliff is a film that is on my radar, I love epic films and John Woo rules – so I am very interested in seeing this film as soon as possible. I usually welcome all news about this project, but today we have sad news indeed. It’ s a shame that people were injured during filming, and a tragedy that a stuntman has died in the call of duty. Our thoughts go out to the friends and family of this unknown stuntman.

Death is seldom a cause for celebration, but it’s always somewhat comforting when people pass on doing what they love to do. It is a heroes death.

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3 thoughts on “Stuntman Killed During The Filming Of Red Cliff

  1. the second director is so unresponsible. i think no one was responsible for the small boat, even they didn’t realize that there’s a fire. if john woo wasn’t replaced by the director, i think this never gonna happened

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