Demi Moore A Female James Bond?

Demi_Moore.jpgMmmmmm (done in my Best Homer Simpson voice). Deeeemmmmiiiiii. Yeah, I dig Demi Moore. So this news about her coming back is nothing but good.

The folks over at Anaova offer up this tasty morning treat:

Demi Moore is reportedly in talks to play a female James Bond.

She is currently the film bosses favorite to play the villain in new British spy franchise, Daisy Scarlett. Robbie Williams and Val Kilmer have also been linked to the film.

Sign me up! With all the James Bond casting rumours ups and downs I’m just about sick of hearing the name “Bond” right now… but this is still good news to me.

Richard: Hope John doesn’t mind me dropping in, but I saw a related piece of news that is quite interesting and would add weight to this choice. Despite suggestions that she might be too old for the role, Bruce Willis has apparently told the studio that he would cameo in the movie if she got the role. That’s quite an incentive.

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9 thoughts on “Demi Moore A Female James Bond?

  1. Simone, I think it’s great you have family memories with Bond films!
    I don’t have such specific memories, but it was my dad who introduced me to the Bond films and so they keep special memories with me. He and I only connect on certain levels and I can say there are a handful of movies and tv shows that did just that.

  2. LOL @ Franklin.

    I am probably the only one left (apart maybe from Richard?) who is still excited to see the next Bond film made and who will actually play Bond. The films formed my childhood I guess, films that you saw together as a family since my father was a huge fan of the franchise, as a family we looked forward to watching the new films, having a meal together after the film, with my dad pretending he was driving an Aston Martin on our way home. *laughs*

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