And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It!

As you know, we TMB Staffers are always hard at work to bring you ways to better yourself. You get educated, entertained and now we even provide you with handy tools to further your timekiller activities like Facebook.

Let me explain.

Ever find yourself dwelling on a guilty pleasure, finding the fanpage on Facebook for that guilty pleasure and then realizing that clicking on that “Become a Fan” button will just result in comments of mockery from your ever devoted facebook list?

Well fear not International Friends, we have added a quaint feature to Facebook (right under their noses) and now you can add those Fan Pages and become immune to criticism!

Here’s how it works. When you want to add something questionable to your list, like Carrot Top or New Kids on the Block, and you know the instant you make that very public decloration, everyone on your Friends List is going to get a notification of your proclaimation! Oh Noes!!!

So this is what we have done and now all you have to do is add the questionable fanpage to your list, then rush right over to our Fanpage designed to punctuate your bold choice and add it too!

The There’s Nothing You Can Do About It! page will instantly make you immune to criticism, and only a fool would dare challenge your devotion to Pauly Shore!

Now why would you add another fanpage after yours? Simple. The result will end up looking a lot like this on other people’s Live Feeds:

And…. You’re Welcome!

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