Cars 2 Title could be World Grand Prix

Cars 2 is on its way and thanks to some investigation work, it seems that Pixar has registered some websites, which can give us some insight to the possible title of the Pixar Sequel. Cars 2: World Grand Prix.

Disney recently snatched up four specific domain names:


Can you guess what the Cars sequel will be called then?

Lightning McQueen is still my youngest son’s favourite character in Pixar films despite the movie coming out three years ago with little else to maintain his gnat like attention span. And while some people don’t list Cars at the top of their favourite Pixar films, it does sit pretty high up on the list for me.

So does World Grand Prix sound like a good name for you?

Perhaps World Tour?

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30 thoughts on “Cars 2 Title could be World Grand Prix

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  2. My son loves the Cars movie. And I do to. I have had to learn all of the names and even search for the die-cast’s for him. I love it, he loves it, can’t wait.

  3. Some of the comments astound me. I can understand why some of you are upset at Cars, but to say that there was no point to it, is ridiculous, especially in an age when high school kids are being offered millions of dollars to play basketball/hockey/baseball! The point of the movie is growth (mind/body/soul), and responsibility (to one’s self, their community, to elders). You can “hate” it for being “pop”, but EVERYTHING is done from popularity.

    Toy Story was done that way. Incredibles were done that way. Wall-E was done that way. Movies are done that way!

    Matt T wrote
    “Modern animated films make three general errors: 1) reliance on pop culture references; 2)weak plot; 3)b-grade celebrities instead of genuine voice actors. Normally, Pixar avoids these traps. With Cars, though, it fell into all three of them.

    And that’s why Cars is Pixar’s weakest film =p”

    Sorry man, but success (if you have ANY sort of business acumen) is garnered by: 1) Your audience/target market; Understandability; 3) Recognition. If you fail to see that, never become a director or a production head, cuz you’ll never succeed!

    1. BTW. World Grand Prix is a great title. World Tour wouldn’t work, unless they were going to do different races in different countries.

      I see the WGP movie involving some of the awesome drivers that are currently out there right now (or were out there), and maybe another voice-over by Schumacher!!! That was awesome!!!

  4. I really don’t see why they would choose to make another Cars film.
    As others have said, I consider it to be their weakest film, and I usually love everything they do.
    After Toy Story, I think The Incredibles have the next best potential to be a great sequel.
    I mean, the ending of Incredibles left us with a cliffhanger ending perfect for a sequel!!
    You don’t even have to use the Underminer; you could set it after Violet and Dash are grown up and protecting the city after their parents grow old, Jack-Jack will be as old as the kids were in the last one. It’d be AWESOME to see Jack-Jack’s powers in action too.

    But I’m just upset.
    An angry fanboy venting here…..

  5. Fuck CARS!! Where the HELL is The Incredibles 2!!??? The BEST Pixar movie! I mean we get fuckin THREE Toy Stories and fuckin aNOTHER CARS???!! What the FUCK??!! Not actually mad, just BOGGLED outa my MIND.

    1. Yeah. Cars is the least intriguing of Pixar’s films. I’m still not even sure what that movie was even suppose to be about.

      Incredibles 2 would kick ass.

    2. Totally agree that Incredibles is THE one that’s actually begging for a sequel.
      But with two sons, 3 & 6, I’ve seen Cars enough to realize it actually is a wonderful film and story. Maybe the weakest of the Pixar lot, but not weak compared to other animated family films by any means.

    3. Incredibles is begging for a sequel, just loved it. My second favorite Pixar film is Monsters Inc. It was actually my favorite Pixar film until Incredibles blew it out of the water.

      Incredibles 2 would be just awesome!

  6. Lets keep this train rolling. I ALSO thought that Cars is the weakest of all the Pixar films. I’ve worked in an electronics department for 2 years selling games. That Mater game still sells like mad. For some reason kids eat that stuff up. While most Pixar films cater to both adult and young audiences, Cars seems to only appeal to children.

  7. I’m sorry, but those cars creeped me out throughout the whole movie. Still, I wonder I why Cars would get a sequel instead of some other Pixar movies. Maybe Pixar thought Cars was their weakest movie and wanted to make a better sequel? I don’t know.

  8. Modern animated films make three general errors: 1) reliance on pop culture references; 2)weak plot; 3)b-grade celebrities instead of genuine voice actors. Normally, Pixar avoids these traps. With Cars, though, it fell into all three of them.

    And that’s why Cars is Pixar’s weakest film =p

  9. I have to say I hated Cars, by far Pixar’s worst film. I guess it would appeal to the Nascar Midwesterner crowd or I could also see where younger children might also find it amusing, just found zero enjoyment in this film.

    1. Nice attempt to stereotype the movie, however… I hate Nascar, well any form of racing pretty much. Watching whatever go around in circles is equivalent to watching paint dry for me. I’ve lived on the west coast my entire life, California and Washington to be exact. I just saw Cars for the first time this year, and I am 30. I did not see it prior to this year because I thought it was going to be horrible, and upon finally seeing it I loved it.

      I’m not saying anything against you not liking it. That is perfectly fine with me. We like what we like and we dislike what we dislike, nothing wrong with that. Trying to stereotype a viewership, on the other hand, not a good idea.

      1. Yea, you are right in a way, my post does slightly suggest you must be a Nascar fan to enjoy this movie which is not true of course.

        I am not a fan of Nascar, I will admit that but my older brothers are and they all liked this movie, they watch it with there kids all the time. So yea, I think there is a little something to what I say, not just stereotyping.

        Dunno, maybe I am just crazy. Its just how I feel about this movie.

  10. Even though I thought Cars was Pixar’s worst film (that’s the nicest insult you can ever hear) I’m still hoping that Cars 2 can make up for Cars.

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