Dragonball Evolution Sequel Script Already Written

International friend Gigan300 tipped me off to a website quoting a statement made by Dragonball Evolution star Jason Chatwin that a script for the Dragonball Evolution sequel already exists.

Anime News Network shares:

Dragonball film actor Justin Chatwin (Son Goku) told SciFiNow, Imagine Publishing’s British science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazine, that his live-action project already has a script for a second film written. Chatwin added that if the sequel is green-lit, “The second one goes more into the whole legacy and the genealogy of Dragonball. It goes more in-depth into a real Dragonball series, the kind of intergalactic world of Dragonball.”

I am not surprised that one is written. With the fast paced world of movies, IF the movie is a success the fans seem to want a sequel 3 weeks later.

More and more, studios are being pre-emptive about sequels in anticipation of success. And in that, they tend to make deals based on multiple movies. Actors who sign on with a new franchise will be asked to sign a three movie deal. This isn’t to say they get paid for three movies, rather that in writing they agree that IF another movie is made, they are obligated to take on their role. This ensures a certain amount of continuity and saves they from scrambling for a suitable replacement.

So it’s not really that surprising, but at very least we know that the studio is not planning for this to be a one shot movie that is buried by the naysayers and they are investing at least in part to its future.

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