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We have a new trailer to show you for the upcoming Max Payne, and learn that the film has flip/flopped again to an R Rating? We get the scoop and video thanks to our friends at moviesonline:

Awhile back it was reported that Max Payne got a PG13 rating but now it would seem that is not so. After it being widely reported it got its PG-13 rating the Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that the movie is RATED R

We recently reported that Payne had made the PG-13 rating; and now it’ s back to R. I don’t know what to tell you folks. I think i’ll wait and see what the rating will be on opening day, how about that. Until then, I consider this unrated.

Now the Hollywood Reporter may have made a mistake, but at this point – I doubt it.

This trailer has too much whispering for me. It seems very awkward, I dunno. Watch the trailer, and then just listen to it… If I was talking about my plans for revenge I don’t think I would be whispering much. Maybe I’m blowing this out of proportion, but this spot came off as incredibly lame.

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29 thoughts on “Max Payne Beginnings

  1. This was disappointed game and now has a movie with it. This will horrific movie just like game. All Games that crossover to movies always to bad at theater. This movie will be DVD within two months.

  2. First time i heard that Wahlberg was Max Payne, my first thought was that his voice and the way he is talkig is too soft and quiet. After seeing the trailers i think that he is perfect. They changed how max payne looked in the sequel in the game series too and it woked fine.

    This trailer is spot on. I would be happy if they just release long trailers and not the movie at all.

  3. I haven’t played the game. For me, that’s all that matters, because then if I see the film, I come to it not giving a rip “how faithful” the film is to the game. Since it is based around a character, it has a small chance of succeeding. Am I excited about the film? No.

    As for the film’s rating of PG-13 (so sayeth the trailers) that is what it is. For the brain-dead who want the film caked in layers of blood and bullets, know these four things:

    1) The addition of violence or lack thereof does not always make a film better.

    2) The addition of violence or lack thereof does not always make a film worse.

    3) Do they have the essence of the character(s) and a decent story/plot?

    4) You damn well know the same thing I do: it says PG-13 but translated it means R rated/unrated “director’s cut” on DVD in six months give or take–if not a year from now after all the fools have spent the money on a bare bones edition.

  4. idk its exactly like the video game IMO cept for the voice is deeper in the game in a smooth deep jazzy kind of way…i dont think whalberg had the voice to mimic the games voice so he chose his own stlye…ala light tone or w/e u call that….w/e it looks awesome.

  5. I have just seen that in the U.K it has been rated a ’15’, which normally equates to an R in America – most 15’s are VERY strong nowadays, most re released 18’s seem to be down graded these days to a 15. They can be very violent and bloody!

  6. Actually, the vocal tone seems to be inspired by the Max Payne game. James McCaffrey did a wonderful job with the vocals in the game, aided by some exceptional dialogs. Max Payne voice and dialogues were one of the most important ingredients in the game’s success and it is justifiable if the movie tries to match them as closely as possible.

  7. Walberg is perfect for this role and he whispers in the cut scenes in the game he is a very soft spoken character. And if you think thats a problem think about Rambo he yelled like once really loud in each film other whys he just was soft spoken.

  8. I loved the videogame back in the day. Its been a while, but i felt like it captured a lot of the feel of the videogame.

    I liked the way it was delivered, i think the fact it is delivered that way the whole way through is what might start to grind, but i don’t mark it against it.

    At least its not annoying to listen to after just a few scenes *cough* batman voice *cough*

  9. looks exactly like the game. The story in the game was told thru that sort of comic book look that was in this trailer. Max Payne did talk softly like he is doing in the trailer.

    So they are following the source material pretty damn closely. If you complain about that…I dunno what is wrong with you.

  10. The MPAA website still lists it as: “Rated PG-13 for violence including intense shooting sequences, drug content, some sexuality and brief strong language.”

    The fact that it’s borderline shows that this is by no means going to be a hardcore action movie, I’m not interested.

  11. Looks good to me. So far it has kept the same mood the games had, and that was a big part of what made them so good. Whisper all you want I say!

  12. uuuuh….looked good to me. Yea I would say you are blowing it way out of proportion. Who cares if he’s whispering or not? He’s talking to the audience and the movie is trying to communicate a certain feeling. Get out of your head and just watch the damn thing.

    Now if they do nothing but whisper the entire movie….then I could understand some complaints but it’s just a trailer. Nobody can tell much from a trailer.

  13. eh i didn’t mind the “whispering” but the thing that bugged me was that the words popped up before he started saying them.

  14. I really really like it. I love the games, and this movie looks really solid, at least to me…Yeah, I agree with Chris on this one…I think you may be blowing it a little out of proportion…that could just be me though…all film is subjective…

  15. Yeah it’s pretty true to the game and I thought it was pretty good. Max talked quietly and it was done in graphic novel film noir style. I’d say you’re blowing it way out of proportion. Why does everything have to blow everyone away any more? If everything was super awesome then everything to come out after that would have to be super duper awesome just to compete, and even then you’d have the swarms of computer chair critics pooping on everything.

  16. Seemed ok to me, he’s not whispering so much as talking softly. It wasn’t very exciting, but it didn’t put me off, I still have some hope it’ll be decent enough to enjoy.

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