Aliens vs Predator 3?

Yes, you read that headline right. However, are you really that f*cking surprised?
gives us this exclusive news:

An anonymous source over at 20th Century Fox got in touch with us over the weekend to relay the news another Aliens vs. Predator sequel is a “certainty” at this point. If you recall, the brothers Strause – who helmed the Christmas release Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem – stated Fox was going to take a “wait-and-see” approach to a third chapter, furthermore, that the story would have to continue in space.

Really? Really? Is a sequel to this really f*cking necessary? I think sequels are society’s kryptonite. I truly do. We all know most sequels are inferior and will most likely suck, but we can’t help it. It’s funny how we fully know a sequel is going to be crap, yet we go see it anyways just for curiousity’s sake. (Hence why studios keep making them!)

What can I say? Am I angry about this news? Nah. I just won’t see it. Certainly, there must be some people who are excited to see this movie, because the second film wouldn’t have made so much money if nobody wanted to see it.

So who really cares to see another ‘Aliens vs Predator’ sequel? Make yourselves known!

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