Weta Designing Justice League Costumes

Justice-League-1Well it looks like we have some good news and some bad news regarding Justice League this morning. We get the following scoop from the movieweb:

Stuff is reporting that Weta Workshops will be producing the costumes for the upcoming Warner Brothers film Justice League of America. They will be designing suits for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash.

Barrie Osborne also went on to mention that Weta Digital might be involved in the film’s visual effects. At this point, their involvement depends on Warner Brothers’ commitment to the project. Barrie went on to say, “George Miller has a great take on the material, so it elevates it to something that’s not a comic-book movie. At the heart of it is a love story, but with a lot of action. It is an exciting film and a different kind of film.”

The good news obviously is that Weta will be making the costumes and may be involved in the special effects. The costuming on LOTR was total porno and I pray that one day I will have them craft me a suit of armor to wear at weddings and funerals. The Weta dudes are master smiths and it is always a good decision when you hire them to work on your film.

The bad news is that this film is going to be a love story. We have a gaggle of super heroes and they are going to focus on romance? International friends what the fuck! Do we need to see another super hero film with romantic interests? Does anyone want this? For the love of all that is good and decent – I hope this film goes straight to DVD. This project continues to shoot itself in the face like Kurt Cobain.

Osborne calls this film “different and exciting” that is a nice way to say that it will suck ass and disappoint. I am not holding out any hope for this one – at least the costumes will look good.

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14 thoughts on “Weta Designing Justice League Costumes

  1. Thats no taylor or master smith capable to turn this turd into something good.
    WETA is a fantastic FXandPratical effects enterprise but they are not magicians.
    Well, maybe the looks turning good make the taste a little less nasty??
    OWW and i just hope they dont bring back that old wonder chick digs big blue dude thing on this one!
    BE SCARED!!!

  2. Yay, it’s going to be at it’s core just about any other CW older teen show with action and some F/X. Smallville the movie? No, A Smallville movie might could actually be kind of good, this will be total crap.

    I respect the fact that they’re wanting to try something new then the usual comic book fare, but love story with teens who have super powers is a far cry from “creative new” idea. Let alone “exciting film and exciting film and a different kind of film.” They can say whatever they want about what they already got, but this thing it crap born from crap.

    I’m getting so sick of these film makers who think to make a good COMIC BOOK movie, you have to rip the comic book out and just do there best with whats left.

  3. Well, doesn’t this sound like Superman Returns. I like that movie, but I am aware that ‘love story’ doesn’t fit in the category of blockbusters.

    *sigh* Can we ever get an action-packed Superman movie to build up to World’s Finest, or is that, what’s the word, just too simple?

  4. I think the term ‘love story’ is misinterpeted by Doug. Not unless we have steamy but PG-13 scenes with Talia Al Ghul and Batman, anyway. I dunno; I guess love stories between heroes and “normal” women seem to be annoying to some. But get “Superman” and a freakin’ “Wonder Woman”? Supey has heat vision and Diana has a lasso to tie one up in bondage to tell the truth…

    Yes! It’s a love story!
    Just a real kinky one!

    MY question is…how exactly does one need WETA to “design” suits for Superman? No ‘S”, no cape…the ol’ Peter Guber suit in a tube trick?

  5. hey hero stew

    WOOOOOW thanks for the casting news btw dude but- woow those actors look horrible for the roles theyre playing omg i thought tyrome gibbons was gonna b the green lantern the dude from smallville superman and ryan reynolds was gonna be flash. but the actors they chose are horrible….ok my “the avengers movie will be better then JLA” theory just got a little more proof behind it

  6. @Rodney

    Thanks for the heads up on the cast. I can see why it slipped by me, that is such a blah cast.

    I want this movie to be good, but like GI JOE, I have little hope >>tear

  7. Every time I see that there’s more JL news I get excited… not because this movie is going to be any good, but because I can’t wait to see what kind of horrible decision they’ve made THIS time. Sadly, hiring WETA is a good decision. That doesn’t mean this film is back on track though, and I anxiously await the next bit of “OMG THEY DID WHAT!?!” news….

  8. ive been saying this and im sticking to it- the avengers is going to be a million times better then JLA because of the EXACT reason HERO STEW pointed out: theyre rushing the movie.
    and also because they decided to make the avengers with the same actors they used in the individual films

  9. Asside from Osborne’s comments, this is old news. It was reported a few months back that WETA was doing the costumes.

  10. Relax re: “a love story.”

    Bay said Transformers was a story about a boy and his car; an oversimplification filmmakers use to talk about the movie without giving things away.

    JL will still suck tho.

  11. what I find really telling about how bad this will be is the line, George Miller has a great take on the material and will elivate to something that’s not a comic book movie. Why make a JLA movie that’s not a comic book movie? How about we make Batman 3 a light-hearted romp where Bruce travels across America with his butler Alfred and really gets in touch with his inner child. And along the way he finds a hooker with a heart of gold (played by Jessica Simpson)

  12. In the full statement Osbourne says they are doing a great job on them so far. How could they be doing costumes when it hasn’t been casted yet?

    He also says they start shooting soon. They are treating casting as the least improtant.

    Most comic collectors do not want this movie. Mostly because it is being treated like a rush job. The only way to sell this film now is to cast it right.

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