Tarantino Eyes Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! Remake

Pussycat PosterWell this is news i welcome with open arms! It appears Quentin Tarantino may remake the Russ Meyers classic Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! We get the saucy scoop thanks to the professionals at Variety:

WILL IT shock any of you to learn that Quentin Tarantino is hot to remake the 1966 Russ Meyer campy soft-porn classic, “Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” (Three tough busty chicks travel through the desert, stirring up trouble and testosterone along the way.) Tarantino wants his version to be even raunchier, natch. His first casting choices are Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes and — oh, please! — Britney Spears. What, no Lindsay Lohan? LL loves 1960’s cult-trash. She wants to re-make Ann-Margret’s “Kitten With A Whip.” Lindsay could become Quentin’s new muse. Look what he did for Uma Thurman.

I think this is awesome, after I saw Death Proof I wished the girls were way more “Russ Meyers”. I then started to daydream about a Tarantino remake of a Russ Meyers movie, thought it would be a good fit, and let the idea sleep in my mind. Well good gracious kids, it appears dreams do come true. Now I am not a fan of remakes and generally prefer that the original films be left alone; but a Tarantino remake of this cult classic, could be the best femme fatale onslaught this generation has seen since Kill Bill.

I think Kardashian is an amazing pick, Mendes is a good pick, and Britney is a horrible pick. The Variety journalist (Liz Smith) offers an alternative in Lindsay Lohan and I agree that she would be a better fit than Brit. I must be honest though, if this is going to be an adequate Russ Meyers homage we need massive basketball sized gozangas on one of our heroes. Pamela Anderson or bigger is what I am talking about. Mendes and Kardashian are both packing some serious chesty heat but we need a third that is outlandish in proportions. Mine the world of XXX if you have to, but in a world of super stylized powerful whoreiors, massive breasts are mandatory!

I seriously hope this comes about, and am tickled that Tarantino is the man behind the helm. I just hope Brit is overlooked and a better third is brought on board.

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25 thoughts on “Tarantino Eyes Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! Remake

  1. -The original movie was not about great or even good acting. Russ Meyer got around bad acting with very slick editing. That would be Tarantino’s joy and challenge. It’s a remake of a drive-in skin flick, and you don’t want some Academy Award winning actresses for that.
    -Kim Kardashian is too cutesy for the part of Varla, as far as looks go. Maybe someone like Chyna would be a better fit.
    -Britany Spears’ overall look is very close Lori Williams’ look from the original movie. If she can pull off the loud mouthed “billie” character from the original (no great acting required there), then it’s a great choice. But maybe getting actresses that look like the originals is not the point.
    -I don’t dismiss that Tarantino will actually make this movie, it would fit right in with what he has been doing lately.

  2. This isn’t going to happen. This is just Tarantino shedding light on a somewhat forgotten movie. By saying he’s going to remake it, more people are going to watch the original, simple as that.

  3. “statuesque, tall, and commanding”

    Let Tarintino find the modern day equaliv. to Sybil Danning…can he do it?
    Better yet…have Sybil in it!

    As far as “tall” actresses go, I’m thinking Famke Jenssen, B film actress Marjean Holden …

  4. Seems like the kind of cast someone like John Waters would put together not Tarantino. They’re not so much good actresses but more a part of today’s zeitgeist. But doubt this is true or will happen. What about Inglorious Bastards, His Mandarian martial arts movie with english subs, Casino Royale remake, New Friday the 13th movie, Cowgirls of Sweden grindhouse trailer, action movie with Sylvester and Arnold, Vega brothers prequel movie, Kill Bill animated prequel and sequel movies, less than zero movie based on novel, etc.

  5. Faster Pussycast is hardly a softcore film, but a “roughie” as it might be called, except with the women being the roughies. Albeit large breasted women roughies, which, from a male perspective, is not a bad thing. Tarentino has not really done nudity in his films, and I dont see this one needing it either.

    I do agree with the other posts written, LL and the others do not have that look of mean spiritedness enough to pull it off. LL is too soft and baby-facish (is that a word?). KK’s only acting was her recent Vivid Video sex tape. Although busty enough, I dont know if that video warrants acting experience. And Eve Mendes is too small breasted (IMO). Nor do I like her on-screen look. So for me its not exciting other than to just see it as a “fish-out-of-water” experiment with chicks out of their element.

  6. I think this is brilliant. Faster is the only poster I currently have up in my home because every time I look up at Tura Satana while I’m in my Kitchen I just laugh at the absurdity. If anyone could do a remake in a way that would be anything other than pure straight to DVD dreck it is Tarantino. I think casting pop culture hags is brilliant and somehow the prefect touch (though I agree there needs to be some big tits). Tarantino can get just the right tone from these bitches. Part of what makes the original so damn funny is the complete lack of any talent in every member of the cast. I am on board Quentin – bring it on.

    Sorry but Pam Anderson is too old for this.

  7. Hey doug, I notice that when John responds to our comments, his posts take one a shaded color that makes it appear different than everyone else’s comments. Why don’t you comments do that. I think it should for each of you, Serena, John and any other employee of TMB. If you can make each of you have a different color, that would be extra great.

  8. Quote: “I must be honest though, if this is going to be an adequate Russ Meyers homage we need massive basketball sized gozangas on one of our heroes. Pamela Anderson or bigger is what I am talking about. Mendes and Kardashian are both packing some serious chesty heat but we need a third that is outlandish in proportions. Mine the world of XXX if you have to, but in a world of super stylized powerful whoreiors, massive breasts are mandatory!”

    Two words: Chelsea Charms. Look her up.

  9. Eva Mendes is the only decent choice out of the three girls he mentioned.

    Kim Kardashian? Give me a break. Next.
    Britney Spears? You can’t be serious. Next.

    At least Pam Anderson has prior acting talent in shows that were actually popular.

    What about Jennifer Tilly? Angelina Jolie? There are many more others that would actually fit the roles here.

  10. Please Quentin, enough of the remake/homage to 70s B-Movies already! I immensely enjoyed DEATH PROOF, but I want to see something new and different. We know you love this shit, but you’re about to become a parody of yourself. Do INGLORIOUS BASTARDS man! Everybody wants to see it! And cast Stallone.

  11. Britney!

    Horrible singer, Horrible actress, traler trash with huge tits.

    SHIT!! She is the perfect Russ Myer girl.

    And sign her up for the remake of “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls”

  12. dougnagey…..your comedy is my viking king and i will gladly draw arms in service…

    i never heard of this flick before but being a fan of titties and violence i may look it up…..eva mendes is certified sex and kardashain can quickly receive my penis any day…but i agree with a lot of the previous post……i too do not like famous people who are famous for no reason….the kardashains are worthless and i highly doubt kim can act…..

    come on tarantino….there are a ton of attractive well-endowed women who can act or at least some bimbo off the street, easy substitutions for spears and kardashain…..yes weed can cause you to make fantastic decisions but it can also cause u to cast brittney spears…..cast my girl rosario dawson in it (God i love her)…..

    come on quentin with the right girls u can make this a classic….just make sure the next time u smoke wit wu-tang have a script and a camera next time….not a “dream cast” written on a napkin

  13. Meli everyone counts, including chicks – we are all equals here.

    If you ever put yourself, or your gender down again I will kick you in the baby maker.

    Kardashian is a good choice because of her equipment. But he may have thought up the casting when he was high, who are we to judge. Some people eat too many chips, others make casting decisions.

  14. LOL! Doug you crack me up.

    I loathe Kardashain myself, but perhaps I don’t count cause I’m a chic. Fact is she’s just another celebutard famous for being spoiled and once a friend of Paris Hilton. Oooh..and the sex tape. =P

    As for a remake of this film …well, I think Tarantino could do it, hands down, however I would rather him complete one of his other projects first. Then I would like for him to cast this movie when he’s not drunk or high…Mendes was the only casting choice that made sense. I mean seriously Brit or Kim? LOL …he’s out of his head.

  15. Kardashian & Mendes definitely got the ka-pow figures for this. i’m hoping QT had drooped some bad ex when he had the bad idea of Spears. she is all fake goodies. there are other worthier buxom screen sluts. someone Bellucci-ish mayhap,Nagy?!?

  16. Her ass in legendary Alfie! Holy Crow!! You hate her guts!!
    I appreciate such strong reactions and am glad you let your feelings known! Your hatred will make you stronger!

  17. say what you will about her music at least britney is famous for doing something.

    seriously what the fuck is kardashain done?? other than have a big ass and making a sex tape…why in the fuck anyone knows her name is fucking beyond me…shes fucking awful. i hate her.

    and her family.

  18. I have to ask, has Kim Kardashian ever acted in something before? I believe Tarantino would probably direct her so that she would be believable, but still, there has to be some talent present and I’m really sceptical about Kardashian.

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