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  1. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s real or CG. The reflection off of the gold portions of the suit looks a bit artificial to me, but the chest section looks quite real. Either way, looks good.

  2. @Seth
    Just out of interest, why aren’t you excited about this movie?

    This picture is golden! Honestly I can’t say this movie will be better than TDK (which is one comparable at most), I mean TDK had Begins to back up its hype and fans.
    Earlier info shows that the villain is Mandarin, but now people who saw the ComicCon footage are saying that the villain is Iron Monger. The Iron Monger is even in both trailers that are out, so the question is which one? (or if both, then how?)
    I think in this one the main villain will be Iron Monger because of all the footage and info already out there, but don’t count Mandarin out of it. He could still be in it, maybe not as a villain but as an introduced character, then in its sequel bring him on full force.
    Once again this picture looks great. After much scrutiny though, imho it does’nt look like a man Downey Jr’s size or any other adult could fit in there ( I don’t really mind). I also love that they made it look real without abandoning the comic book imagery’s roots.

  3. The suit looks kinda CGI in that picture. Maybe it looks different in motion.

    And I believe the villain in this picture is The Mandarin, Iron Man’s arch nemesis in the comics. He finds some alien rings that give him magic powers. I’m worried that we haven’t seen anything about him yet. I hope they take the time to develop the villain’s character.

    A superhero movie is only as strong as it’s villain.

  4. ino the best conventional superhero suit since spidey…..just like the comic and looks like it could work in real life….better than all the batman suits and im happy they’re not goin all cg….this is gonna be good

  5. I dig that picture quite a bit.
    I think this is gonna be one of the better blockbusters of next summer.
    It won’t come close to DARK KNIGHT though ;-)

  6. They’re going to use a practical suit as much as they can and blend in CGI for stuff that’s impractical. In addition to the terrorists the villain will be Iron Monger, which is actually Obadiah Stane – Tony Stark’s longtime mentor who goes bad.

    I have a TON of info on this movie on my site. :-)


  7. D O U G.
    Not John. ;)

    At any rate, I was never actually that fond of Iron Man until I had heard of this movie. Now I am all over Iron Man stuff. THis is terribly exciting.

    And, Vic, for real? An actual suit? That is awesome. Just … awesome.

  8. Porno indeed John.

    As much as I’m trying to stick to only watching movies in my new home theater, just for the fact of saving money on movie tickets, this is a very serious contender for a “must see” in the theater.

    Damn, just damn.

  9. That does look great. Is it CG or an actual physical suit? It just doesn’t look that comfortable to wear and it’s so hard to tell these days. Otherwise I would love to wear that and go to local mall to beat the shit out of the Christmas shoppers. I never read an Iron Man comic book but looking so forward to this movie.

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