Remake Of Christine In The Works

43m.jpgNews out today is that the John Carpenter film Christine is set to be remade. The remake is to be penned by screenwriter Christopher Landon: Son of Landon. We get the story this morning from FILMJUNK and the man known as WEB-MASTER gives us the following news on the screenplay:

He’ll reportedly be sticking a bit closer to the original Stephen King source material, which in his opinion was “more of a possession story than it was just a killer car”. Hopefully he doesn’t eliminate the killer car action entirely, because let’s face it, killer cars rule.

I could not agree more with the WEB-MASTER if they take the killer car out of the movie it will lose massive machismo. Possessed vehicles, appliances and inanimate objects are always more exciting than possessed people. Possessed people in film usually just look like they have mental disorders. If I wanted to see people with mental disorders for 90 minutes I would take a city bus.