Arnold Schwarzenegger Looking Horrible

Arnold-out-of-shapeI had to do a double take when I first saw this picture a few days ago. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. This picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger was taken just a few months ago, and according to news sources he’s only let himslef go even more since then.

Now don’t get me wrong… that’s still a pretty big man, and he could kick the living crap out of me without skipping ice cream at the end of the beating… and hell… I’d hate to see what I’m going to look like at 60!

But still, it’s hard to look at a picture like this, of a guy who is one of my big screen heroes, who’s image is firmly planted in my head of a monsterous well conditioned man/machine… then then to see him looking like this. It’s like my mind can’t handle it and it keeps saying “DOES NOT COMPUTE”.

There are other pictures of him on the beach floating around on the web… but man they all just looked worse, and I didn’t have the heart to post it here. Anyway… anyone re-thinking Conan or that Arnold/Sylvester movie now?