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What If Season 3

What If… We Said Goodbye after What If Season 3?

Buckle up, True Believers! Remember that wacky animated show where we saw Peggy Carter punch Nazis with a shield and T’Challa became a space pirate? Well, get ready to say “What If…?” to What If Season 3 itself. That’s right, ...
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Blade Runner 2099 Matthew Needham

Blade Runner 2099: Adds Matthew Needham

“Blade Runner,” that trippy movie about replicants and noodle stands has an update. Get ready for a whole new chapter, because a TV series set in the same messed-up universe is coming to Amazon Prime Video. They’re calling it “Blade ...
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Netflix Avatar Toph Beifong Casting

Netflix Seeks Toph for Avatar Live-Action!

Netflix’s live-action remake of the legendary “Avatar: The Last Airbender” is on the hunt for a new cast member in the mighty Toph Beifong! For those who haven’t entered the Avatarverse yet, Toph’s a blind Earthbending badass. This chick can ...
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Eric Kripke The Boys Woke

Is The Boys “Woke”? Here’s What the Showrunner Thinks

The Boys, the smash-hit superhero satire on Amazon Prime, is known for its sharp wit and fearless social commentary. But with season 4 premiering soon, the question of “wokeness” has once again sparked debate. This blog post dives into the ...
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The Acolyte NYC

The Acolyte: A New York Special Screening Disney+

A new era is upon us! Disney+ is about to unleash “The Acolyte,” a live-action series that’s taking us back to a time before the Skywalkers. Get ready for a thrilling mystery set in the golden age of the Jedi ...
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Charlie Hunnam Criminal TV Series

Prime Video Scores Big with “Criminal”: Charlie Hunnam Cracks the Case

Prime Video just pulled off a heist because they snagged Charlie Hunnam, aka Jax Teller himself, to star in their new series “Criminal.” This ain’t your typical cop show though. Based on the award-winning graphic novels by Ed Brubaker, “Criminal” ...
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Zack Snyder 300 Gerard Butler

300: From Epic Film to Epic TV Series?

Remember “300“? That super ripped, slow-mo Spartan battle extravaganza directed by Zack Snyder? Well, IGN is buzzing with rumors that a “300” TV series is in the works at Warner Bros. Snyder’s “300” wasn’t exactly your typical history lesson. Based ...
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UK Premiere of Star Wars 'The Acolyte' at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square, London

London Event Celebrates Upcoming Star Wars Series “The Acolyte”

Disney+ shared photos from an exciting screening event in London for Lucasfilm’s highly anticipated Star Wars series, The Acolyte. The event showcased the first two episodes of the thrilling live-action series, set to premiere on June 4 exclusively on Disney+. ...