Paul Rudd stars in My Idiot Brother

Paul Rudd has signed to star in “My Idiot Brother,” a new comedy directed by Jesse Peretz. It’s a story about an idealist brother, with three successful and ambitious sisters. Production of the film is slated to begin in July in New York with the parts of the sisters to … [Read More]

Nature of Existence

Roger Nygard takes us on the adventure of our existence in the universe. After exploring the phenomenon of Trekkis Roger wrote down the toughest 85 questions he could think of. This lead him across the globe in search of each of the world’s philosophies, religions, and belief systems, and interviewing … [Read More]

Winnebago Man: Trailer

I just stumbled upon this trailer from Trailer Addict. There are several infamous videos of an angry Winnebago salesman on youtube named Jack Rebney aka Winnebago Man. These videos are clips that were meant to be left on the cutting room floor from Jack’s winnebago commercials. This gave Ben Steinbauer … [Read More]

Mr.Nice Trailer

Mr. Nice is about the life story of Howard Marks, an elite British drug smuggler. I saw a teaser for this flick a little while back, which left me a little uneasy about the whole project, but I must admit this new trailer I found on IGN seems to be … [Read More]

50 Cent Goes Machinist

Two shocking photos of the popular rapper “50 Cent” have surfaced from the role he is playing in Mario Van Peebles’ “Things Fall Apart.” The movie is a drama that centre’s around a football player named Deon (50 cent). When Deon is struck with cancer the game he loves changes … [Read More]

New ‘Nowhere Boy’ Trailer

Nowhere Boy is a story about young John Lennon as he deals with the various obstacles of life that shaped a young yet dysfunctional teenager into the Late Pop Icon we all fell in love with. I personally really enjoy watching Aaron Johnson on screen. He played the courageous but … [Read More]