DREAM SCENARIO Trailer Just Released Starring Nicolas Cage

Becoming famous might be a ‘dream come true’ event for most people but sometimes it can be a nightmare too. Don’t believe us? Then just look at the trailer of 24’s new comedy Dream Scenario starring Nicolas Cage.

This incredibly bizarre storyline revolves around a middle-aged man named Paul Matthews, an ordinary professor who’s living his everyday life until one day when he starts appearing in the dreams of strangers. Matthew finds himself in an unusually strange position as he has no answer to why he is a part of the subconscious of so many people around him. 

Now hold on, it gets crazier.

After becoming a part of the dreams of his close friends and family, he ended up becoming a globally recognized figure due to his presence in the dreams of millions of people worldwide. Without understanding what it truly means, Matthew can’t help but enjoy the exhilarating experience of being famous. According to sleepers, he doesn’t do anything in their dreams other than standing in a corner.

“I’m not doing anything to them”, he says at one point.

A situation like this doesn’t make much sense but doesn’t hurt anyone either.

Until, in Dream Scenario, it does!

A Social Critique

Brought to us by the brilliant mind of Kristoffer Borgli, the movie is a satirical comedy that accentuates various cultural aspects of the modern world. The perks and downfalls of being a viral sensation and the impact of cancel culture can all be witnessed in the theaters on November 10. 

We’re also looking forward to Nicolas Cage’s performance in this dark comedy. Ever since the movie’s release at this year’s Toronto Film Festival, critics have been praising Cage’s acting as he manages to bring out the comical elements of the movie spectacularly. Dream Scenario is produced by Ari Aster and will star Julianne Nicholson, Tim Meadows, Dylan Gelula, Michael Cera, and Dylan Baker. 

We just want to know what’s beyond the trailer and will this dark comedy qualify to be called influential? Let’s wait and watch.

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