7 Best Romantic Comedies To Watch With Your Loved One

Romantic comedies are the ideal genre for those who consider soap operas too sad, but they don’t mind romance with a fair amount of humor. The characters in our selection of the best romantic comedies get into ridiculous situations, act crazy, laugh and cry, kind of like Finmax deciding binary options but in the end they always find their love – sometimes where they don’t expect it at all.

Are you looking for romantic comedies to a good laugh? Don’t know what to watch with your soul mate? Then we are glad to present you the best romantic comedies.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

This is a great romantic comedy with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. Andy is a journalist of fashion magazine and she gets the task to write an article about the typical mistakes girls make in relationships. She decides to check it on the timely catched publicist, called Benjamin. But Andy doesn’t suspect that Benjamin also has an assignment. The play of Hudson is perfect, and McConaughey is like a duck to water in the role of the publicist. Easy, funny, adventurous, vital!

This Means War

Two bosom friends, FBI agents fall in love with the same girl. For her sake, the guys are ready to use the entire spying arsenal, because “all is fair in love and war.” The cast is excellent: Tom Hardy, Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon. Yes, there are stamps and banalities in this movie, but for a good romantic comedy the main thing is the mood.



Knight and the day

This is a light thriller, flavoured with humor and romance. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz – is a perfect acting couple! Positive mimic, character and fashionable style – all inclusive. Visual effects, landscapes, action and a good game of actors – what else could you ask for? The film is dynamic and exciting, and most importantly, it boosts spirits!


Friends with Benefits

The essence of the film is clear from the title: do cross-sex relationships exist? Jamie and Dylan get acquainted at work. She is a headhunter, and he is a talented magazine editor, whom Jamie lured to work in New York. Firstly they have intimate relations, which then grow into the cross-sex relationship. What happens next – watch the romantic comedy.


Il principe abusivo

This is a funny romantic film about the hard life of a princess. What to do if you are a princess and the press don’t write about you at all? Correctly! Create a little stink! Princess Letizia, on the advice of the butler, finds the most worthless inhabitant of the principality, the young dunce Antonio and pretends to have fallen in love with him. They walk and have dinner together, and specially warned paparazzi shoot them. This is a scandal! The princess marries a beggar. She has achieved her goal, but what to do with Antonio?

What women want

This wonderful romantic movie masterpiece with Mel Gibson deserves special attention. This film is loved by both men and women. So what happens if men learn to read women’s thoughts? The leading character gets such a gift, but decides to use it for mercenary purposes. That’d be okay, but a love suddenly steps in his life.


Pretty Woman

It’s an ageless classic and world masterpiece. The film “Pretty Woman” is a romantic comedy about the love that comes when you don’t expect it. When the main characters meet, each of them has a goal: a millionaire Edward wants to be comforted in the arms of a “streetwalker,” and Vivian just tries to shift for a living. Watch the film to find out how this fateful meeting turned for them both.

Romantic comedies are films for recreation. It’s useful to watch them in order to take life easily, more romantic and with fun. Don’t look for deep meaning, beaten cliches and platitudes, just relax and smile!

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