How Celebrities Can Create Better Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags are the life-blood to your Instagram account. Without the right hashtags, users won’t be able to find your content based on the category it falls under, and you’ll find that sharing your content is more difficult as well. Better engagement and more followers come from improved hashtags, so in this article, you’ll learn how to create better hashtags for your Instagram posts. 

We’ll discuss what makes a good hashtag, how to create brand-specific tags, and how many hashtags you should use on each post. Keep reading for the ultimate guide on creating better hashtags on Instagram. 


Like any good project, finding the best hashtags for your content requires some research. You’ll want to take a close look at the hashtags that are trending in your niche or industry, what the competition is using, and what your audience is searching for. 

If you don’t know what your followers want, how can you possibly serve them or attract new followers? You can even buy followers for Instagram to try out your new hashtag ideas! You might find that the hashtag you’re using has several variations that you can use to target a very specific audience. 

There are also hashtag suggestion services out there that you can use to create content-specific tags. These services will do some of the research for you, analyze your post, and provide you with custom hashtags for each post. This saves time for those who can’t spend all of their time researching for Instagram and makes the process that much quicker or you can simply buy ig followers.

Don’t be afraid to take a closer look at the leaders in your industry or niche as well as your competition. These industry leaders are at the top for a reason, so it’s a wise decision to study their methods and unlock the code of what brought them there to begin with. Pay close attention to the hashtags they use. Are they only using specific location tags in certain posts? How many hashtags do they use on each post? What makes their hashtags creative? 

Better research means better hashtags, period. Without putting in the work and performing the proper research, you’ll be left wondering and creating hashtags that won’t work for your content. Don’t sell yourself short like that; put in the work, research the right tags for you, and push your content to people who are most likely to hit that follow button. 

Be Familiar With Your Content 

This may say redundant, but you’d be surprised how many content creators actually have no idea how to market their own content. Being familiar with your content is about much more than just knowing what you like to post; you need to be the authority on what you’re posting. 

What makes it special? Why should users come to your page? How does your content compare to the competition? If you’re a business, you should definitely know your products, services, and company inside and out to create better hashtags. 

When you know your content, you know your audience a little better as well. You can decide on the right hashtags based on your niche, the style of your content, the types of posts you get more likes for instagram with, and who you’re trying to reach. Different audiences will respond in different ways to specific hashtags, so be familiar with who and where your audiences are. 

Know the Difference Between Hashtags

There are actually several different categories of hashtags, which include: community hashtags, product hashtags, niche or industry hashtags, location tags, daily hashtags, event tags, emojis, and acronyms. 

Each of these hashtags has a specific purpose and relates to specific content, so the ones you use will determine who you’re reaching with your content. You can also use a branded hashtag, which is company or brand-specific. This helps people find your business, brand, or products much easier than sifting through dozens of other similar hashtags. 

A company slogan or value statement actually makes for a great hashtag and will help differentiate you from other businesses. 


Analytics tools are some of the most useful extras that Instagram offers. With these tools, you can actually take a look at which hashtags have driven new users to your page, making it easier than ever to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Why guess and check when you can know exactly which tags are attracting new users to your page? 

The analytics tools from Instagram are included in the business account, but not the personal account. So, if you’re a business, it’s time to make the upgrade so you can take advantage of this tool and many others. Analytics tools are crucial to the success of any business operating on social media or the web. In fact, most web hosting tools offer analytics as standard tools to measure your web traffic. 

Once you’ve narrowed down which hashtags are actually working for you, you can focus on using those and eliminating the ones that don’t. Be sure to pair your successful hashtags with new ones to continue to generate positive numbers. 

Stay True to Your Niche

It can be incredibly enticing to see other niches performing better than your own. You may even want to change your entire content structure to reflect a more “successful” type of content, but perhaps the best tip we can offer is to stay true to your niche. 

You don’t become an expert in anything by jumping from one niche to another. “A jack of all trades but master of none is far less likely to attract the number of followers and engagement they’re looking for,” says ViralRace

 Keep focused on your content, become the expert in your niche, buy followers for Instagram and so build a name for yourself.. Hashtags, followers, and shareable content will all become much easier to create or gain when you focus on what you’re doing and stay true to your content. Plus, followers are looking for genuine connections to the people they follow. 

Just be yourself, and don’t worry about whether or not you’re reaching as many people as the big names in the industry. You’ll get there someday with enough hard work, good research, and a strong sense of self.

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