Worst Netflix Original Shows

I really love Netflix. Why? Well, because they have some of the best content among video streaming services. You get your golden oldies, and you also, get the latest and hottest. On top of that, it’s really cheap.

We all know that the other reason why Netflix has succeeded is by offering original programming. They have produced so many TV shows, as well as movies. However, not every Netflix show has been a slam-dunk. There are quite a number of Netflix original that we cringed while watching. In fact, we had to distract ourselves from the rubbish by playing casinos online games. Here are some of the worst Netflix original shows that you can stay away from and instead, focus on your online casino gaming.

Friends from College

Considering that this show had a great cast, I really thought this show was actually going to become one of the best comedy series of 2017. However, the show was disappointing, to say the least. I get to see a group of former college friends. Now, they live in New York and we get to see as they navigate their intertwined and messy lives. What I really didn’t like is the fact that this is a story about friends but it actually lacks friendship. In fact, I noticed that each of the characters was selfish and treated the others awfully. This made us wonder how these people could have been friends in college.


This was a psychological thriller that starred some A-listers like Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup. As we mentioned, this was supposed to be a psychological thriller but it ended up just being another drama. In the show, we get to see a therapist who starts an emotional affair with a female barista. I was really disappointed watching this show because I found it to be nothing but flat, I’d rather browse on top NFL betting sites. In fact, the show was not even as provocative as it was made out to be.

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