Six Gangster Movies Not To Be Missed

Today we have movies that are based around the criminal lifestyle and I have to admit it’s easy to see why. There’s something both very appealing and intriguing about these larger than life lifestyles that most don’t get to witness. Some will say that the crime genre ingrained in our culture which is what makes it so attractive to so many. It’s easy to just sit back and enjoy seeing the world through that lens and the movies which are based on gangsters and their lives are some of the most popular around the world, and with that inevitably comes a few classics that just can’t be forgotten.

The Godfather

The Godfather, released in 1972 was a story of Italian immigrants and their struggles, as well as the terrible things they were forced into by the mob. It is based on the Corleone lineage and their struggle in the consideration of family and power. The director, Francis Coppola tells us that one will be lost in the chase of the other.


Scarface was not well loved by the critics when it was released in 1983. Yet it has one of the most well-known film quotes: ‘Say hello to my little friend’. It is the story of a Cuban immigrant, Tony Montana, played by Al Pacino, who builds his empire on selling cocaine. This movie is filled with the traditional gangster themes like, paranoia, revenge and betrayal.


Casinos and Vegas have always provided inspiration for many creative minds, especially in the entertainment sphere. It is especially true for games, an example being Vegas Vegas, which is part of mFortune mobile casino. With regards to movies, Casino is based on a true story and was released in 1995. It tells the inside story of the corrupt world Las Vegas casinos back in the day. The film is based around three main characters, Ace, Nicky and Ginger, as they rise to power in the casino world.

Their downfall comes when they are discovered by the FBI, which leads to deals with corrupt government officials and angry mob bosses being uncovered; that ultimately leads to the downfall of their casino Camelot. The casino industry depicted in this film is seen as an intriguing yet dark environment, and we are pleased to confirm, now has become a perfect place for everyone to enjoy.

The Departed

This quite funny movie but also viciously violent at times was released in 2006. This gangster themed movie is based around the illegal dealings of Frank Costello who is portrayed as an Irish Mafia leader and the Special Investigation Unit in Boston. This incredible film managed to win an Oscar for best picture and consists of some of the most famous actors in Hollywood such as Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio (who recently starred in The Revenant) and Jack Nicholson.

American Gangster

This is a biographical movie that was released in 2007. Denzel Washington, now an acclaimed director, stars in this film and tries to bring down a gangster known as Frank Lucas. This gangster managed to smuggle heroin into America through army service planes which were returning from the Vietnam War. Lucas has a strong grip on the crime territory while a New York City cop attempts to stop all his antics.


Three was released in 2014, it is based on cops and robbers playing a game of messing with one another inside of a hospital. The movie is gives us a lesson in intensifying tensions between a cop and a robber. The character inspector Chen brings in a suspect into the hospital who requires surgery, but then refuses and has a plan where he messes with the inspector for 80 minutes.

Gangster films are certainly intriguing and there are many different storylines around the genre which surely captivate our attention. It gives us a point of view from the good and bad perspective as well as gives us an opportunity to loose our inhibitions and live on the dark side.

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