Joseph Gordon-Levitt questioned about Dark Knight Rises ending possible sequel


I don’t want to say too much about how Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character and how he relates to the Dark Knight Rises because it wanders into spoiler territory. Heavily. EXTREMELY SPOILER-ISH. I tried my best not to spoil a thing in my review and I won’t start revealing now so if you haven’t seen the film then you ought to stay the hell away from this post and from the below clip! Gone? good. Now the rest of you definitely wanna check this out at Jimmy Kimmel flat out asks Levitt about the ending and didn’t give opportunity for him to shy away…

I like that he totally geeked out about being the ending and what it potentially means for him. It’s pretty candid of him to admit that he doesn’t know what’s gonna happen with the next one but that’s partially expected. Only time will tell…

Via: Comic Book Movie

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