Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner look lost

A new photo has been discovered for ‘The Bourne Legacy’ thanks to EW’s band of sleuths cornering actress Rachel Weisz and questioning her on her character in the mysterious upcoming film. They certainly tried to figure out information about her character but were met with the results of strict binding contracts and gag orders the prevented the actress from revealing much of anything but they did get the, above, interesting photo for their trouble. I’m a little indifferent about this film and I’m not overly excited or terribly disappointed. It’s all very different from the last time we saw a film bearing the ‘Bourne’ name but it does have Rachel Weisz and I’m starting to forgive her past transgressions against cinematic opportunities. I’m sure as promotion continues to ramp up for the film we’ll see more… I’ll keep you guys posted…


Source: Geeks of Doom

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