Media Overload for Jason Statham’s “Safe”

Jason Statham stars as ex-Government agent Luke Wright who over the course of one harrowing night tears a swath through NY city’s corrupt underworld in order to save a young girls life and redeem his own.

From Writer/Director Boaz Yakin comes what looks like most “Statham movies”.

Dont get me wrong I love the guy he’s good action hero but cmon at some point do something else. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is where I first came across Statham. No idea this guy was the british Jet Lee, he can do much more than just kick a ton of ass. I Want to see Snatch and less Transporting.

Irregardless of its flaws if you want to see someone use their body as a weapon and out right dominate the opposition, Jason Statham is the man for the job. Not counting HK Cinema of course!

Feast your eyes upon the UK Poster, theatrical trailer, Tv Spot and …uhm… ‘Alley’ Clip!

UK Poster


Tv Spot

Alley Clip


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3 thoughts on “Media Overload for Jason Statham’s “Safe”

  1. If Jason was like the british Jet Lee, Jet Lee does the same exact thing a Jason Stathom. Jason is an entertainer. He lives for these movies, this is what he”s good at. I find this movie better then Transporter, in the Transporter movies he always starts as the bad guy. Jason hasn’t been seen as a good guy in years.  Crank, he starts as a bad guy, Transporter he’s still a bad guy i believe this will be one of his best movies.

  2. Might as well be called Transporter 4. I’m only going to watch this because Philly is such a big part of this movie. PHILLY!!!!

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