Teaser Poster: The Bourne Legacy

I’m getting the impression that the guys behind the latest Bourne movie are finally ready to get the promotional wheels spinning and have decided to debut a teaser poster for the latest movie. Everyone get your critiquing hats on, and let’s dissect.


It’s fun that we’re getting a poster, but a little lame that it’s a pretty boring one. I know I know, I’m harsh but it’s not depreciating my excitement for this film in the least. I want to see this movie and I hope that it maintains all the fun and wit of the first 3 films starring Matt Damon. Can’t wait until they unleash a trailer…

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9 thoughts on “Teaser Poster: The Bourne Legacy

  1. I’m kinda disappointed that they changed the character. I was so into Matt Damon a.k.a Jason Bourne. He totally fits the story and the character. Plus how in the world can it be a Bourne sequel without ‘Bourne’. Come on!

    1. There was similar apprehension when Matt Damon initially took the role. I’m willing to bet that if script is well done then Renner won’t have too much trouble hopping into the world of Jason Bourne.

  2. No Pater Noster, you’re not the only one! This is such a Bourne wannabe, it’s ridiculous. And while I liked Jeremy Renner in both Hurt Locker and Ghost Protocol, what I’ve seen of him so far makes me feel he is too low key, a little too much like this ‘teaser’ poster. Blank and boring. I hope they prove me wrong! But really, what is the poster promising?

    1. I agree, unfortunately. Even though the books really had little in common with the movies, i’d have been happier to see someone come up with a new concept instead of dragging the old one out.

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