Richard Schiff joins Man of Steel

Believe it or not, there’s still room for more casting in the Zack Snyder film ‘Man of Steel’. Seriously, despite filming having started a few months ago somehow a somewhat notable role has gone uncast, but is now being rectified. The word on the net is that Richard Schiff will play none other than Dr. Emil Hamilton.

Source: Filmofilia

…there is still room for a bit of extra casting on Zack Snyder’s Superman franchise reboot, Man Of Steel as The West Wing alum Richard Schiff has signed up to play Doctor Hamilton in the movie.

He has just signed on to play either a scientist who helps Supes (Henry Cavill) fight evil or a man who considers the hero to be something of a menace and finds ways to stop him, depending on which storyline in the Superman comics you check out.

Kinda late in the casting so I get the impression that this may not be a very large role in the film. I can go on and on about the character of Emil Hamilton and how Richard Schiff is going to nail this role, but it’s so much of an afterthought for the crew working on the film that I won’t devote too much time on it. Moving on…

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