Jovovich tweets more RE5 details

Milla Jovovich is a gorgeous woman. You know, the type of woman that if you someone find yourself lucky enough to be with that you can never say “no” to her. Ya see she likes to twitter. A lot. What’s a director to do when the star of your films starts twittering your details all over the internetz?

Source: MovieWeb

I’ve got an amazing fight w a bunch of zombies AND an epic fight w jill valentine!…chris, claire n kmart get abducted by umbrella in this one, so no he won’t b in this movie…we wld love 2 make a 6th where every1 is back together! but the fans will decide after they see this one!
Ada Wong, leon and barry burton will b in the new RE!
We will hve the Las Plagas parasite!!![as featured in the video games]

You do nothing. You do nothing at all and at most you re-tweet her stuff and hope a producer isn’t looking and take extreme comfort that the woman in the above photo is waiting. Oh, and buy her something nice on the way home.

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