Marvel Made 2 Movie Shorts

Marvel is trying to expand. The day’s of a troubled Chapter 13 Marvel are long gone and the company has been in burgeoning business of expanding their film empire and exploiting the plethora of characters that they’ve produced over the decades. One idea, similar to Pixar’s approach, is creating short films that help introduce the lesser known characters to mainstream society. Well, it’s actually well beyond the “idea” stage as they’ve, reportedly, already created 2 short films that follow S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Agent Coulson on some adventures that presumably introduce these characters.

Source: Jo Blo

Film School Rejects is reporting that Marvel has in fact shot their first two short films, which will follow SHIELD Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) and serve as a prequel of the sorts to next summer’s THE AVENGERS. The shorts, according to FSR, will debut on the upcoming DVDs for THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA, both of which will likely hit discs sometime later this year (think Christmas).

I like this idea and had no idea that Marvel did these on the low. Hell, Chris Nolan’s ninja’s aren’t even that good to film something unnoticed. I wonder who directed these shorts? How can they do this and not tease me for a year before I even got to see the things?! Either way these guys just decided what I want for Christmas. Thanks for Making Mine Marvel.

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10 thoughts on “Marvel Made 2 Movie Shorts

  1. simply put, a nifty idea. Also i like it as Agent Courson becoming a key player in marvel u, some sort a glue that connect all the characters together. Kudos to marvel to take the idea from pixar.

    1. They didn’t take the idea from Pixar. Pixar does not have any one character tying their movies together. Their movies all take place in unique worlds and have nothing to do with one another.

      How is this in any way “take the idea from Pixar”

      The only common factor in Pixar movies is John Ratzenberger featuring as a voice. This doesn’t “connect the characters together”. It is a tribute.

      1. Oohh, aside from this having NOTHING to do with Pixar whatsoever in any way shape or form…give me a Hawkeye short!

  2. I heard on G4 that they are planning on making Short Films for Luke Cage, Black Panther, Iron Fist, and Dr. Strange.

    1. Dr Strange would be “TITS!” :)

      Hell!, even try again on Norrin Radd cause y’know he got robbed and packaged in with a lame product and voiced totally wrong.

      jus sayin’

  3. I like the idea of that. If they could do small web shorts of lesser known characters, a bit like what Kevin Tancharoen did with mortal combat legacy, then I would be glued to my PC every time an episode was due. good stuff.

  4. Good question. I’ll take a guess and that it could have been Clark Gregg himself. Don’t rule it out – even if you don’t think Choke counts…

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