Stevenson wants Punisher return

Ray Stevenson played the deranged vigilante in the 2008 film “Punisher: War Zone”, which was a commercial bust back in the day, but he’s maintained an interest in the character and possibly returning to the role in a future film. He was recently quizzed while out promoting his latest film Kill the Irishman and here’s the deets:

Source: Cinemablend

While promoting his upcoming film, Kill the Irishman, Stevenson talked about the fact that Marvel has reacquired the rights to the vigilante superhero from Lionsgate, allowing them to go ahead with a new Punisher film if they choose to.

Stevenson says that he’s even talked with Marvel about doing another Punisher but admits, “It’s way out of my hands.” If the opportunity arises though, he’d love to reprise his role as Frank Castle. He says, “If it’s on my path to do him again, I’ll definitely do my best.”

I like the Punisher, a lot, and think he has a place in the Marvel shared movie universe if they intend to use the character. I have a hard time accepting so many actors portraying multiple roles in Marvel movies as he already has a role as one of the Warriors Three in the Thor movie, similar to Idris Elba putting double duty in Thor and the upcoming Ghost Rider sequel.

I welcome the idea of a return of the Punisher and don’t have a problem if Stevenson comes back as the psycho with a skull chest in future films, and hope they continue to re-acquire the rights to their characters moving forward.

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11 thoughts on “Stevenson wants Punisher return

  1. A bigger budget… a more intriguing and high stakes storyline (e.g. SWAT teams hunting the Punisher down while he’s going after the main villain – Barracuda or Ma Gnucci or a rebooted Jigsaw). The Jigsaw in the 2008 movie was total crap. I want Micro back. Wayne Knight played him right. But the story was terrible.

  2. I think Ray was perfect, he had the right age profile along with looks and attitude. I think it was a ham-fisted story and introducing and killing Micro was utter dogshit. I think they need Micro back and then have a darker plot/story arc that is not focused on a central over the top villain. It’s just one of those things with a comic book character, it’s hard to find a good balance without good people being involved ala Batman, Iron Man, ETC.

  3. I think Ray Stevenson is perfect for the Punisher role. He played it very well in Punisher War Zone. The story of that movie was just plain crappy. It’s just a matter of nailing a good story culled from the comic books and having a good director for this proposed reboot / or sequel.

  4. I thought part one was o.k., Jane was the more approchable/story driven punisher movie.
    Part 2 looked good in terms of matching the “Max” series of comics, complete with gore and F words galore. it just didn’t gel properly.

    That said I think I’m good and full. no need for another one. BUT throw him around in other flicks and he’ll do just fine.

    1. Punisher is basically “Death Wish” converted into a cop story.
      the tone of War Zone was spot on as was it’s version of Frank Castle.

      The villans hammed it up to much, there was a feeling of dread in some scenes (decent direction) but lacked emotional intensity and story flow. they went off base and killed Micro waaaaaaay too early, and the little girl/mom was cookie cutter.

      BUT this guy did fine with what he had to work with.

  5. Folks can blame Lionsgate and/or Lexi Alexander all they want to. Warzone was simply the worst of the three madee Punisher films. Tes, it’s true than some actors have played other characters in Marvel related films. I’m starting to thing it’s a running gag. I think the Blade films hold the record on that right now (Donal Logue appeared in Ghost Rider, Ryan Reynolds was Deadpool and “Curtis” Tim Guinee was in both Iron Man films)

    But now we are talking about something different. If Marvel does anotheer Punisher, it will most likely be connected to the Movie Shared Universe. That’s like Ed Norton coming back as The Vision after he droped out of resprising Hulk. Punisher will be another reboot- or be party to another story with a supporting bit. I’d actually like to see Tom Jane back….or the role recast one more time. The idea for Marvel to use the character again seemd to lean towards “Frank Castle” and less “Punisher”.

    Punisher Warzone had no brains, no heart and loads of over the top action and camp. “It’s what the fans want” What a crock. Revenge pictures don’t work when there’s nothing much at stake other than getting payback.

  6. I actually enjoyed War Zone more than the Tom Jane Punisher film. I thought Stevenson had a better handle on the character. Would love to see another.

    1. I liked Thomas Jane as Punisher but I just thought the movie was crap, John Travolta is the worst movie villain ever, having him as the mob boss ruined the entire movie for me. He is a horrible villain, should never be cast as a villain ever. Also, what the movie lacked IMO was “When Jane was shot and blown from the docks he was taken in boat by witch doctor whatever and scene cuts to Jane showing up in Punisher trademark T-Shirt. Really needed that footage of Jane healing/hiding out contemplating his own grief and planning revenge on all things/people who are evil.

      The villains in War Zone were much better but the script was lacking. Just saying there are positives and negatives to each film. I am up for another Ray Wise Punisher film.

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