First look at Parallax

Toys are usually the number 1 source for first looks at character designs for comic book related movies, so it comes as little surprise that today we’ll get our first, unfinished, look at Parallax’s appearance for the silver screen.

Via: Bleeding Cool

You know what? I think that’s a really f’n good Parallax. It’s definitely grainy and probably not the best look or representation of the final product we’ll see on screen but I definitely like the direction they’re going. I’m still not completely sold on the idea of introducing Parallax as the central villain right off the bat in the first film but the art direction is spot on.

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5 thoughts on “First look at Parallax

  1. I agree this is probably a poor representation of what we’ll see on screen, and the concept so far is cool.

    As far as Parallax as the main villain, it coudl be something like Agent Smith in The Matrix or Zod in Superman where he has an arc, but leaves the door open for a possible return.

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