Dancing at the Movies

I am a sucker for most dance films. Hopefully they have some sort of story and if we are lucky some actual actors, but any time there is a movie that revolves around dancing, I am pretty sure to at least make note of it.

Maybe its because I can’t dance to save my life, but I just love watching a well choreographed dance scene.

Well I tripped over this youtube video someone edited together with some of the best and most memorable dance scenes in film.

This is very well edited together and they could have added dance scenes from a dozen other dance related films, but as far as the musical tie in to keep them all together I don’t know that there is a film as impacting as Footloose to present them with.

That was awesome.

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6 thoughts on “Dancing at the Movies

  1. Couldn’t see the video but,

    Romy and Michelles high school reunion dance scene was fun

    and does anyone remember Breakin’ or better yet Breakin’ 2 Electric Bugaloo?

  2. White Nights…still one of my favorite movies of all times. Gregory Hines was and is still one of the most talented actors and dancers of all times.

    I also liked the inclusion of the older movies like “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” & “West Side Story” as well.

    Great video, thanks for posting.

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