Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Game Featurette: Sith Warrior

I dont often like to deviate into video games, but this particular game is based on the greatest Science Fiction Fantasy franchise ever, and I am a huge geek, so I am sharing it.

A Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic minifeature that brings to light the playable character class “Sith Warrior” is online, and its making me wish they would just set a release date. Oh, they will inevitably push it back, but with a release date we can at least be teased with a prospective time for release.

Im sorry… World of War-what?

Cant wait for this. TMB might be slow for a few days after this comes out.

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10 thoughts on “Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Game Featurette: Sith Warrior

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  2. One question.

    What kind of balance is going to be added to this game to keep the world from being nearly fully populated with Jedi and Sith? There are other classes but what will their attraction be when you have Jedi and Sith running around killing each other?

  3. I tried KOTOR but couldnt get into it. I guess Im not a fan of RPG’s. I just dont like the gameplay style.

    Im more of a “force unleashed” type.

    Im sure the story and complexity of the game is not as strong in these type of games, but I like them better….

  4. Beta has started. I’ve been playing for about a month. I can’t comment other than that because of NDA. Beta signups are available at the site.

    1. Damn Eric I’m so jealous! Nice to hear it’s running already so they got plenty of time to hear feedback and do something about. Not just a publicity beta like most mmo’s.

  5. It’s currently set for a spring 2011 release but yeah no exact date yet. Since they’ve been kinda vague about the date and there’s been no word on when the beta starts I could see it slipping to a later date.

    1. Video game nerd here. It’s not “Knights of the Old Republic.” It’s just “Star Wars: The Old Republic.” Which, if you have been playing the games, honestly makes a difference.

      Not trying to slam anyone, just letting ya know.

  6. Damn. I remember when I first played KOTOR on 2003. Best Star Wars video game ever.
    Of course, I also played KOTOR-II The Sith Lords on 2004…Before these games, I wasn’t a fan of RPG-style games…but since, it was Star Wars, I gave it a chance. These games opened the way for the Mass Effect franchise – combine a great sci-fi world and rich story, with awesome graphics, and action with RPG origins.

    I hope that this game comes out on xbox…since I don’t own a PC anymore :(
    Looking forward to it…

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